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Special Project

Special Project
From the 8th Annual Shorty Impact Awards

The Great Filipino Story: Celebrating Filipino Achievements Around The World

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In the midst of the pandemic, people are glued to their screens, consuming copious amounts of content as they grapple with limited mobility. However, the online space is inundated with controversial, violent, and harmful content, sorely lacking positive stories of human resilience and triumph. This abundance of negative content exacerbates the mental health struggles faced by many, leading to feelings of depression, hopelessness, and surrender.


The 'Great Filipino Story' campaign, launched by PAGEONE, exemplifies the organization's commitment to corporate social responsibility. PAGEONE's expertise in publicity serves as the driving force behind this initiative, aimed at bringing attention to often-overlooked social causes. In a digital landscape saturated with negativity, this campaign emerges as a vital counterbalance, infusing the online world with positivity.


'The Great Filipino Story' campaign, initiated by PAGEONE as part of their corporate social responsibility efforts, aims to combat the prevalence of negative online content. Leveraging their expertise in public relations, PAGEONE seeks to shed light on various social causes and counteract the detrimental impact of pandemic-related negativity on Filipino mental health.


This initiative arises from the recognition that the overwhelming influx of pessimism online exacerbates feelings of hopelessness, perpetuates negative emotions, and fosters a bleak mindset. 'The Great Filipino Story' seeks to break this cycle by injecting positivity into the digital realm. It endeavors to bring to the forefront stories of remarkable accomplishments often overshadowed by more contentious narratives. By doing so, it inspires people, emphasizing that even during a pandemic, hope remains, and greatness remains achievable.


Strategy and Execution

In our quest to celebrate Filipino excellence and inspire our audience, we embarked on a remarkable journey. This journey was marked by diligent research, creative storytelling, and a dynamic presence on social media and websites. As we dove into the heart of this mission, we discovered that each step was a vital piece of the puzzle, all contributing to our overarching goal: to spread the message of Filipino achievements and inspire countless others. 


Step 1: Strategy Development and Team Assignment. Our journey began with the development of a comprehensive strategy. We recognized the need to inspire and uplift our audience through Filipino success stories and assembled a dedicated research team. Their mission was clear: actively scan the digital landscape to unearth compelling success stories.

Step 2: Story Identification and Content Creation. Our research team embarked on a quest to unearth hidden gems of Filipino success stories. They prioritized those stories with engaging narratives and the potential for interviews with remarkable individuals. Once identified, our talented content creators meticulously crafted narratives that captured the essence of each story.

Step 3: Amplification through Websites and Social Media. With our treasure trove of success stories in hand, we leveraged our network of news and lifestyle websites to extend the reach of these narratives. Simultaneously, our social media pages became vital platforms for sharing these stories. Through strategic planning, we maintained a consistent posting schedule, harnessing the viral potential of social media to engage our audience.

Step 4: Viral Potential and Community Engagement. To maximize our reach, we closely monitored the online spread of our content and encouraged discussions around these uplifting narratives. We also actively engaged with our audience, responding to comments, messages, and mentions on social media, fostering a strong sense of community.

Step 5: Verification and Measuring Impact. Recognizing the importance of maintaining trust and credibility, we personally verified the details of each story. Additionally, we defined and regularly assessed key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the impact of our campaign. This data allowed us to refine our strategy and continue inspiring our audience through the stories of Filipino success.

Step 6: Collaboration and User-Generated Content. As our campaign gained momentum, we explored collaborations with organizations and influencers who shared our passion for promoting Filipino success stories. These partnerships allowed us to tap into new networks and broaden our impact. Furthermore, we encouraged our followers to share their own success stories using our campaign-related hashtag, strengthening our sense of community and inspiring others to pursue their achievements.

Throughout this journey, our comprehensive strategy came to life through the dynamic execution of our extensive social media presence. We showcased Filipino success stories, leaving an indelible impact on our audience and spreading inspiration far and wide.


In just one year, the results of our campaign have been nothing short of remarkable, surpassing all initial expectations.


We have already featured more than 108+ stories (based on the duration required by Shorty Impact). We have published 340+ stories since the campaign started and were syndicated and republished across 80+ websites and blog sites. This allowed our stories to be published 8,400 times.


The dedicated Facebook page for The Great Filipino Story has gone above and beyond, reaching an astounding 225,227 individuals, exceeding our projected reach by a staggering 125.2%. Not only that, but we've also gained an impressive 28,758 followers from October 15, 2021, to October 15, 2022, surpassing our targeted engagement by over 18,000.


Simultaneously, our online campaign has left a significant impact on 502,448 Filipinos, exceeding our target reach of 500,000 by 2,448. Thanks to their prominent placement on flagship websites, the articles under "The Great Filipino Story" category on our website have garnered substantial page views.


The content of our campaign has resonated deeply with our readers, earning their praise and respect, and inspiring them to share their own experiences. This also prompted many blog sites to republish them more thus reaching more people online. This overwhelmingly positive response from our audience speaks volumes about the significant impact and influence of our campaign.


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