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MTV's The Challenge - Importance of LGBTQ+ Representation Package: Ride or Dies

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The Challenge constantly breaks barriers and proves that representation matters. On The Challenge: Ride or Dies, we saw one of the most diverse casts of the series to ever grace the screen. Cast members like Nany, Aneesa, Tommy and more from the LGBTQIA+ community came together to discuss why their involvement in the series is so important as they never saw anyone like them on television when they were growing up. We wanted to highlight their personal experiences within the community and within The Challenge ecosystem to show our audience why LGBTQIA+ representation on and off screen is so important in our world today.

Strategy and Execution

This Why Representation Matters video was captured during a digital shoot in promotion of The Challenge: Ride or Dies season. The team flew to Argentina to capture content with this diverse cast after months of preparation and creative ideation. We wanted to tap into this theme specifically this time around as the cast members were such a special, diverse group full of members of the LGBTQIA+ community. In order to promote this season of the series, it was important to recognize the people involved and their unique perspectives, stories and experiences. We wanted to remind our Challenge audience that it's okay to be their true selves and provide them with tangible evidence that representation and diversity matters both on and off the screen. This video not only served to promote viewership for The Challenge: Ride or Dies, but it served as content to help celebrate Pride Month and celebrate the cast members themselves. The video piece went live across and all of The Challenge's social media platforms.


This video execution was a success in that it helped spread the message about diversity, representation and inclusion. We allowed our fans to connect to The Challenge cast members in a way they don't always get to while viewing the linear television series. Many fans commented across social media with messages such as "I'm so happy to see how far the contestants and The Challenge have come with representation" and "I appreciate The Challenge for opening up a safe space for us all" -- these are the exact kinds of sentiment we hoped to garner through this video piece and saw amazing success across the board.


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