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Special Project

Special Project
From the 8th Annual Shorty Impact Awards

The Belonging Campaign

Finalist in Video Series


The California Endowment (TCE) is a dedicated nonprofit foundation committed to improving the health and well-being of all Californians. At TCE, their mission is simple: to enhance access to affordable, high-quality healthcare for underserved individuals and communities, while also striving for fundamental improvements in the health status of everyone in the state.

In line with TCE’s mission, we introduced the "Belonging" campaign to shed light on the significance of diversity and full inclusion, especially during challenging times like the pandemic and civil rights obstacles. To bring this campaign to life, we created a captivating array of films and videos that explore the theme of belonging throughout California.

Our partnership with TCE has flourished over the years, collaborating on various projects and campaigns such as the Mask Up California initiative, The Best Gift You Can Give, and The History of Vaccinations. Expanding upon our past successes, our primary goal with the "Belonging" campaign was to ignite a genuine sense of inclusion and foster a deep feeling of belonging among all Californians. We aimed to emphasize the incredible richness and value that diversity brings to our communities, ultimately creating a healthier and more connected California for everyone.

Strategy and Execution

The "Belonging" campaign was brought to life through a carefully crafted plan of action, execution, and key features that set our work apart. Our primary challenge was effectively communicating our message to resonate with all Californians and empower them to contribute to building a more inclusive society. To address this, we developed Californian Vignettes, showcasing the stories of individuals from diverse communities. These vignettes captured the essence of personal narratives, connecting with people on a deeper level.

To maximize reach and engagement, we edited these vignettes into engaging 15 and 30-second cutdowns, shared them through the California Endowment's social media channels. Utilizing the hashtag #IBelongInCA, we encouraged viewers to participate in the conversation, sharing their own stories. This interactive approach fostered a sense of community and collective ownership of the campaign, amplifying its impact.

The fusion of storytelling and social media engagement was the key feature that made our work unique. By intertwining personal narratives with interactive elements, we empowered individuals to express their sense of belonging, raising awareness and motivating active participation.

Throughout the process, challenges arose, including striking the right balance between authenticity and inclusivity, and ensuring representation from a wide range of communities. We overcame these obstacles by extensively researching and collaborating with diverse individuals, organizations, and cultural leaders. This collaborative effort ensured our campaign genuinely reflected the richness and diversity of California.

The "Belonging" campaign stands as one of our proudest milestones. It successfully communicated the message of unity and inclusivity, conveying that regardless of one's background or origin, they belonged in California. This belief remains even more critical in the face of the challenges we currently navigate. By combining compelling storytelling, social media engagement, and an inclusive approach, we created a campaign that left a lasting impact, fostering a sense of belonging and unity throughout the state.


The “Belonging” campaign was a success. It ran across Facebook/Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, driving 8.4M total impressions and reaching 2.1M people. The campaign aimed to garner as many video views as possible at a high view rate and engagement rate, and it did just that. The campaign drove 4.4M video views at a 52% view rate, and an engagement rate of 25%.

On YouTube specifically, the campaign drove a 33.8% VR, 2x above the 15% goal. On Facebook/Instagram, the campaign drove a 94% VR, exceeding the 30% goal by 3x. On TikTok, the campaign drove a 93% view rate, far surpassing the 24% goal. The overall engagement rate of 25% beat the goals across FB/IG (5%) and YouTube (10%).

The 'We Are One Playlist' creative stood out as TCE’s top-performing videos for all of 2022; it drove an overall view rate of 80% across all platforms. Additionally, the 'A New Pledge for CA' Instagram ad drove the highest number of engagements in 2022 with an engagement rate of 48%.

Not only did the campaign drive meaningful reach and exceed view and engagement results, it also achieved a 6x average frequency across all platforms, meaning over the course of the campaign we reached a user six times on average. This frequency helps lead to brand recall, awareness, and overall impact. The success of this campaign was a testament to the power of storytelling, social media engagement, and an inclusive approach to foster a sense of belonging and unity throughout the state.


Video for The Belonging Campaign

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Osmosis Films, A Ruder Finn Company, The California Endowment


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