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The Archer School for Girls x James Dyson Foundation: Teardown Tuesday

Silver Honor in Nonprofit Partnership

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The Archer School for Girls, in partnership with the James Dyson Foundation, embarked on an inspiring and educational initiative aimed at empowering young women in the field of engineering. The highlight of this collaboration was a hands-on experience where 70 Archer students were led by a Dyson engineer in the teardown of Dyson's innovative Supersonic hairdryer. This event not only showcased the groundbreaking technology behind the hairdryer but also served as a catalyst for encouraging girls to pursue engineering and think differently.

Archer strategically chose to partner with Dyson because the company shares a deep commitment to introducing young people to the exciting world of engineering. Dyson encourages students to think outside the box, embrace failure as part of the learning process, and realize their engineering potential. By collaborating with the James Dyson Foundation, Archer aimed to address the underrepresentation of women in STEM fields, an issue that persists despite progress being made.

According to data from the U.S. Census Bureau, women's representation in STEM has been increasing over the years, but men still dominate the field, making up 73% of all STEM workers. In particular, women are significantly underrepresented in computer and engineering occupations, with just a quarter of computer workers and 15% of engineers being women in 2019. The partnership between Archer and the James Dyson Foundation sought to break down these barriers and empower young women to pursue their passion for engineering.

Strategy and Execution

The Archer x James Dyson Foundation partnership was designed to highlight the STEM program at Archer and promote interest in STEM education for young women. The centerpiece of the partnership was a hands-on workshop where students disassembled Dyson's Supersonic hairdryer. The students were guided by a Dyson engineer and followed step-by-step instructions to strip away parts of the machine and learn about the innovative technology that solved an under-recognized everyday problem. The event was a huge success, with 70 Archer students participating and learning about the science and engineering behind the Supersonic hairdryer.

The partnership between Archer and the James Dyson Foundation was also an omnichannel social media campaign that aimed to reach a wider audience beyond the Archer community. The campaign utilized Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn to spread the word about the partnership and the importance of STEM education for young women. Each social channel had unique content curated for it to reach a diverse audience and increase Archer's brand reach.

One of the highlights of the social media campaign was an Instagram Live hosted by Archer and the James Dyson Foundation. The live event allowed people outside the community to interact and experience the event in real time, increasing engagement and awareness of the partnership. The event was also documented through photography and filming, providing content that could be shared on social media to promote the partnership further.

Organizing the event required coordination of logistics for shipping dozens of Supersonics from Dyson's HQ in Chicago, as well as the tools necessary to disassemble the machine. The event was also scheduled around student schedules, ensuring that as many students as possible could participate in the workshop. Despite these challenges, the event was a huge success and showcased the importance of partnerships like this in promoting STEM education for young women.


The Archer x James Dyson Foundation partnership is an excellent example of how education and industry can work together to promote innovation and diversity in STEM fields. By providing young women with opportunities to explore STEM in a practical, hands-on way, Archer is setting them up for success in a field where they are generally underrepresented. With the support of partners like the James Dyson Foundation, Archer is making a difference in the lives of its students and set an example for other educational institutions to follow.

The partnership between Archer and the James Dyson Foundation was an organic and impactful campaign promoting STEM education for young women. Through the Supersonic hairdryer workshop and omnichannel social media campaign, Archer and the James Dyson Foundation have raised awareness about the importance of STEM education and encouraged young women to explore their interests in science, technology, engineering, and math. By working together, education and industry can empower the next generation of engineers and innovators and create a more diverse and inclusive STEM workforce.

Through the Archer x James Dyson Foundation, Archer organically reached:
- 10k+ social impressions
- 47% of the impressions outside of the Archer community
- 2.5k+ social engagements


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The Archer School for Girls


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