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Special Project

Special Project

Starbucks “Amplify Your Happy”

Entered in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


Starbucks was looking to reach multicultural consumers across our network to drive awareness and consideration for Starbucks during the summer season. We shared culturally relevant stories that drove engagement within the multicultural community through our Amplify Your Happy series, highlighting how Starbucks is the perfect companion to their Summer happiness.


We partnered with multicultural influencers and publishers that amplified what made them happy about Summer, with Starbucks as the perfect companion for bright, vivid, and immersive summer fun. These influencers described how Starbucks’ drinks inspired their Summer looks with their fresh and vibrant colors. Through the visual narrative of Amplify Your Happy, these influencers and publishers demonstrated how seamlessly Starbucks inspires and integrates into Summer life.

Engagement rate was considerably higher than benchmark which can be attributed to the right talent being onboarded for this campaign and the custom approach to each one of their videos to introduce Starbucks’ New Summer Menu. The influencers maintained authenticity with their audiences and their followers were genuinely excited to see them partner with a company as big as Starbucks–making Starbucks a hero in this campaign. Further proof of this is the performance in comments, shares, and saves from the Salguero family. This is a creator who was already posting Starbucks and excitement around their menu. The product integration was the story and it made total sense for the creator.

While the content was entertaining, all the posts did a great job at communicating the message around the New Summer Menu. The high level of saves and shares on each post indicates audiences are saving/sharing those videos to reference them later–most likely, on their next trip to Starbucks.

Creating in culture (and identity) content outside of cultural tentpoles was incredibly well received and showcases Starbucks’ real commitment to connect with these audiences all year around–especially during major new product launches.




The total social impressions delivered exceeded the original campaign goal by 7.16MM (1.4x higher). The campaign authentic engagement rate (ER) was 2.4x higher than the industry benchmark. Overall, the total engagement rate was 2.4x higher than the benchmark. All three platforms, Tiktok, Instagram and Facebook surpassed the industry benchmarks with Facebook exceeding the benchmark by 17x.

Instagram’s engagement outperformed the other platforms with TikTok followed closely after. Each platform’s engagement rate delivered above campaign benchmarks. TikTok sustained over 2MM video views.

Comments on all creators were overwhelmingly positive, celebrating their collaboration with Starbucks and the way the product was integrated. Many comments mentioned the actual menu items featured, emphasizing the success of the video and its intention. The Salguero comments were incredibly positive, and many mentioned wanting to run to Starbucks to celebrate their collaboration with a Starbucks’ Refreshers Drink. Comments mentioned appreciating that each ad was made differently around the personality and usual content of each creator.

Premium Video Content Amplification placements exceeded our VCR benchmark of 70% by 7% respectively. Display placements garnered a CTR of 0.12% which is above our 0.10% benchmark.The strong performance across the board shows that audiences connected strongly with the Starbucks brand and content messaging.



Video for Starbucks “Amplify Your Happy”

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