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Special Project

Special Project
From the 8th Annual Shorty Impact Awards

Spotify GLOW Launch

Finalist in LGBTQ+


Spotify created GLOW, their first, global, always-on LGBTQIA+ music hub, as a place where listeners feel seen and artists are heard –  to establish a unique position and set a precedent for the music industry. The platform specifically provides periodically updated, current playlists curated for the LGBTQ+ community – expanding beyond just Pride season. GLOW is distinct in its always-on nature and the initiatives sparked by its community muses.

Our primary goal was to position Spotify as a champion of LGBTQIA+ culture, speaking to their audience through the voices of the community. The work needed to establish Spotify’s recognition of how undeniably vital LGBTQIA+ artists are to music and culture at large while also establishing the look, tone, and feel for GLOW at large. KPIs for success would include media impressions and value, press coverage and community engagement through social media.


Strategy and Execution

The Spotify GLOW launch was created for the LGBTQIA+ community and their allies – primarily focused on music industry insiders  –who in turn would expand engagement to the broader consumer listenership. We needed to engage agents, producers, artists, and more to become evangelists for the new hub, creating personal excitement and desire to be advocates out of key LGBTQIA+ community members and allies within the Spotify circle.

The experience was built around the undeniable effect that the LGBTQIA+ community has had on music and culture as a whole. Even in times of underground spaces and closeted identities, the community’s influence has always been felt and now – living in a time of unprecedented authenticity and pride –  contribution deserves celebration. Applying this insight to the GLOW launch event and content series, we created a moment for LGBTQIA+ people by LGBTQIA+ people. 

To create this impactful, cultural engagement experience, we created the Spotify GLOW songwriter camp. Thirty LGBTQIA+ singers, songwriters, and producers came together for three days at the Spotify Matteo campus for a songwriting camp – and this live industry launch event was expanded for the world in a content series based on the experience.

During the launch event, queerness was celebrated through panel discussions, performances from Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles, DJ sets, and a swag bag consisting of products solely from LGBTQIA+ brands from across the nation. The Spotify GLOW launch event also succeeded in our objective of establishing the look, tone, and feel of the program at large. Spotify GLOW took on its physical form at the event via strategic signage, lighting, and photo moments while items like the swag bag filled with exclusively Queer-owned brand items cemented GLOW as an LGBTQIA+ initiative that goes beyond temporary support for moments in time.

During the content shoot, our entire team was operated by members of the community, allowing us to capture moments of authentic connection and creation in the safe space that Spotify created for these artists. The content series reached a larger audience via Spotify-owned and artist social channels, speaking directly to LGBTQIA+ listeners and fans.



The launch effectively introduced GLOW to the industry and community at large while establishing the look, tone, feel, and mission of the new Spotify brand. 

The launch event alone resulted in 

Even the press got involved, with an article from The Advocate heralding the mission of the GLOW initiative and launch party. The content shoot resulted in 100+ photo/video assets including artist spotlight Reels that featured talent like Shea Coulee (@shealcoulee), Miki Ratsula (@mikiratsula), and Leland (@leland) who all posted or reshared their Reel to stories.



Video for Spotify GLOW Launch

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Lupine Creative, Spotify


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