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From the 8th Annual Shorty Impact Awards

The Society of Valued Minds

Finalist in Mental Health, Healthcare & Pharma

Bronze Honor in Community Engagement


The Society of Valued Minds (SoVM) was created to help 18- to 24-year-olds reclaim their lives from mental illness through the power of self-expression and community. By featuring educational, inspirational, and society-generated content, as well as collaborating with grassroots mental health advocacy organizations, SoVM set out to create a supportive space to fight mental health stigma and show the world the value of every mind.

Strategy and Execution

Our plan began with the ambition to combine the theme of mental health with the healing power of self-expression. Taking inspiration from streetwear culture, we set out to make mental health support cool.

To inspire and engage a hard-to-reach audience, we needed to create work that 18- to 24-year-olds would be proud to follow and share with the world. For a generation seeking connection, we needed to build a society they could belong to. After developing a design system to build consistency with the SoVM brand, we began creating four categories of content for the page:

We then kicked off the Society with the help of a select group of influencers living with self-disclosed mental health conditions. This "influencer-of-the-week" model was crucial to bring a human element to SoVM and get the ball rolling. As the account grew, we developed a UGC framework, asking for SoVM members to submit their own content to be featured on the page. Now, we don't heavily rely on influencers; our Society members are eager to share their mental health journeys with us through their own forms of self-expression.


To date, we have achieved impressive Instagram results connecting us with our audience, including:

as well as additional efforts with influencers, collaborators, and like-minded organizations:

Most importantly, we have engaged in authentic and genuine conversations with our 13k followers through DMs. We have had open, honest conversations about their mental health, providing resources, connection, and a shoulder to lean on for those in need. With each new member, each collaboration, and each resource in the hands of someone who needs it, we deliver more on our promise of showing the world the value of every mind.


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Otsuka Pharmaceutical Inc.


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