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Special Project

Special Project
From the 8th Annual Shorty Impact Awards

xoNecole's "The Root Of It" In Partnership With SheaMoisture

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SheaMoisture decided to partner with xoNecole to help build awareness of SheaMoisture's new Scalp Care line. SheaMoisture wanted to be positioned as a player in the Scalp Care space by breaking through typical category messaging with disruptive communications that appeal to a younger (Gen-Z) consumer. Additionally, the brand wanted to make the connection between scalp health and bold hair. xoNecole was tasked with developing co-branded content to help SheaMoisture tell a different scalp story in regard to scalp health being the foundation for healthy, vibrant hair. SheaMoisture’s most important goal with this partnership was to differentiate their new scalp care line from other brands that address scalp care concerns by creating honest conversations authentic to Black hair culture.

Strategy and Execution

Given SheaMoisture’s objective to tap into the Gen Z audience, xoNecole developed an informative yet snackable three-part mini series in partnership with SheaMoisture called “The Root Of It.” The series featured candid conversations between an eclectic and diverse group of Gen-Z and Black millennial women across media, music, art, and culture. Hosted by beauty journalist turned content creator Blake Newby, xoNecole curated a moment featuring three young Black female content creators from all walks of life (Mel Mitchell, Jasmin Moses, and Tiffany Renee). These women underwent hair makeovers from celebrity stylist Ursula Stephen that showcased the boldest and most confident version of themselves. The hair salon/barbershop setting was a creative direction that audiences had seen before, so xoNecole chose to step out of the box with a modern home setting where these women could get pampered in a cozy and relaxed environment (reminiscent of the “kitchen beautician” experience Black women cherish). “The Root Of It”’s story pillars included: Educating the audience about scalp health, incorporating SheaMoisture’s new line, and celebrating Black hair history, while also chronicling the hair transformations of our three models—and with just three episodes under each of five minutes, this was a tall order.


To execute our vision, xoNecole recruited creative agency Slug Global to produce and direct “The Root It,” which was shot in Atlanta, GA. Slug Global helped bring xoNecole’s script and vision to life with a 12-hour shoot combining scripted and unscripted dialogue. The series included three hero videos placing key Shea Moisture Scalp Care products front and center, with Ursula speaking knowledgably about the benefits of each ingredient. Within a tight window, we were able to include all story pillars within our treatment, along with ample b-roll and visual elements that helped illuminate the mission of scalp education and bold style. 


xoNecole’s “The Root Of It” series successfully matched the tonality and DNA of SheaMoisture’s Scalp Care campaign: Confident, bold, compassionate, fearlessly vulnerable, empowered, and celebratory! The campaign’s snackable format, Gen-Z leaning talent selection, and upbeat approach helped to draw in the younger audiences SheaMoisture was looking to engage. Most of all, we educated, demystified, and normalized conversations about scalp conditions in a way that acknowledges Black hair routines and cultural norms while still keeping the energy of the series light and fun. xoNecole is especially proud to showcase this series as an example of a truly aligned and cohesive co-branded piece of content that serves both the sponsor and the publication’s overarching missions.



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xoNecole, Shea Moisture


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