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Right Our Story - State of California MHSOAC

Bronze Honor in Multi-Cause Initiative

Audience Honor in Multi-Cause Initiative


COVID-19 halted our society for months, and with its origins tied to China, Asian hate incidents and crimes were on the rise in the US. Many people unfairly tied the virus to the Asian Community, holding them responsible for the pandemic. 

In California, it became difficult to turn on the news or scroll through social media without hearing another story of AAPI hate. Soon, kids started to model what they heard at home, and many Asian children became victims of race-based bullying because of their backgrounds. 

They were not alone. Too many young people in California face discrimination, violence, and abuse, due to their race, ethnicity, language, culture, and country of origin.

So, in 2022, The State of California decided to do something about it. The State’s Mental Health Services Oversight & Accountability Commission (MHSOAC) partnered with Media Cause to create a campaign to combat the rise in race-based bullying amongst school-age children in California (K-12).

MHSOAC had three goals for the campaign:

Strategy and Execution


Through extensive first-party research with the people most impacted, we outlined 5 key insights that informed our strategy and execution:

You can't address bullying unless you're willing to talk about it, which is why the campaign's focus became all about the language and the community. 


Strategy & Execution

To shift the narrative about race-based bullying, we focused on 

We named the campaign Right Our Story because everyone has played a role in bullying, whether as a bystander, a bully, or a victim. It’s only by talking openly about the how and the why behind these experiences and roles that we can start changing the narrative. 

To denormalize bullying, we had to help youth break the silence, loneliness, and lack of support that has thus far characterized experiences of race-based bullying.

To bring Right Our Story to life, we built a microsite, a private community dedicated to youth, hosted a week of action, and launched an anonymous bullying reporting tool.

All of the above was supported by:


The campaign launched in mid-February 2023, with paid media going live at the end of March, and as of July 31, 2023, the campaign has generated:

We understand that this campaign won’t eradicate race-based bullying or bullying altogether, but we're extremely hopeful from the momentum we were able to create amongst our youth target audience.

As we’ve been reminded by both youth and partners, our approach in leading this campaign with Youth at the forefront is unique in this issue area. It gives Youth a safe space to discuss bullying and organize to create an impact for themselves and their community. And young people have stepped up to the challenge.

This campaign is ongoing, and we are currently in talks with the State of California to expand the campaign into 2024 to include schools, school districts, and hopefully gaming partnerships with Roblox or other similar games.


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Media Cause, State of California - Mental Health Services Oversight + Accountability Commission


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