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Brady Presents "Safe Stories"

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In the United States, a grim reality unfolds every day as 67 individuals, including parents, siblings, partners, and friends, die due to gun suicide. Disturbingly, 65% of gun owners possess at least one unlocked firearm, creating a perilous avenue for unauthorized access and leading to tragic outcomes.

The End Family Fire program stands as a pioneering national initiative that harnesses the impact of Public Service Announcements (PSAs) to transform the mindset of gun owners regarding safe firearm storage. Now in its fifth year, this public education campaign has proven its ability to shift attitudes and behaviors related to gun usage and secure storage practices.

Launching in the midst of record-high gun suicide rates (67 a day, more than those lost to firearm murders and unintentional shootings combined), the Safe Stories campaign addresses an alarming one-year surge not seen in over four decades. Astonishingly, gun suicides now constitute over half of all firearm-related deaths in the US, claiming 67 lives daily. Additionally, access to firearms drastically heightens the risk of fatal suicide attempts, with gun-related attempts resulting in a tragic 90% fatality rate. Research underscores the importance of secure firearm storage, including locking, unloading, and storing firearms separately from ammunition, to prevent these heartbreaking outcomes during moments of crisis.

The PSAs and accompanying multimedia campaign offer an immersive digital experience, sharing the poignant stories of seven individuals who grappled with the idea of ending their lives with a firearm. Encased within a book that doubles as a gun safe, this initiative serves as a compelling call to action, emphasizing the critical need for responsible firearm storage to prevent personal crises from evolving into devastating tragedies.

Strategy and Execution

End Family Fire, a collaborative effort between Brady and the Ad Council, launched in August 2018 with a mission to promote safe gun storage while addressing preventable tragedies associated with improper firearm handling within households. The campaign introduces the concept of "family fire" — shootings resulting from unauthorized access to guns within homes. This includes children and individuals displaying behaviors indicative of potential harm to themselves or others. The campaign's objectives encompass raising awareness about family fire, engaging gun owners in gun violence prevention, and fostering a national dialogue on safe firearm storage practices, all of which contribute to preventing family fire tragedies.

Utilizing a blend of documentary-style videos and animations, the Safe Stories PSAs vividly illustrate the life-saving significance of secure gun storage. These stories are housed within a virtual "book safe" containing information on safe firearm storage methods and resources for individuals in crisis.

The narratives of individuals who have contemplated gun suicide serve as powerful examples of how secure firearm storage can avert tragedy. Many of these people had easy access to firearms at home or through acquaintances, emphasizing the critical role secure storage plays in delaying access during moments of crisis. These stories serve as a reminder that individuals are not alone and that responsible firearm storage is a key element in safeguarding lives.

The campaign's content was disseminated in various formats, including out-of-home (OOH), video, digital banners, radio assets, and a digital experience developed pro bono by creative and media agency dentsu.


End Family Fire, formerly known as the ASK campaign, received the distinction of being the sole effective national safe storage education initiative recognized by the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO). This recognition came after a comprehensive analysis that included programs from prominent gun organizations across the nation.

End Family Fire's public education campaigns have demonstrated their effectiveness in reshaping attitudes and behaviors pertaining to gun usage and secure storage. As per an Ad Council study involving adults residing in households with firearms:

58% of respondents who were aware of the End Family Fire campaign modified how or where they store their firearms to enhance safety, compared to 50% of those who were not aware of the campaign; 31% of respondents who were aware of the End Family Fire campaign actively sought information on safe firearm storage methods in the past 12 months, in contrast to 7% of those who were unaware of the campaign; and 41% of respondents who were aware of the End Family Fire campaign engaged in conversations with friends or family about safe gun storage in the past year, while only 14% of those who lacked awareness of the campaign did the same.



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