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Red, Blue, and Brady

Finalist in Podcast


Red, Blue, and Brady (RBB), proudly presented by one of the nation's most esteemed gun violence prevention organizations, is deeply committed to shedding light on the stark realities of gun violence in the United States. This podcast serves as a platform to explore the concerted efforts undertaken by individuals and communities nationwide to mitigate this pervasive issue.

Red, Blue, and Brady offers an invitation to explore the enduring American fascination with firearms, discussing current events and personal narratives in its exploration of America's epidemic of firearm woundings and deaths. Along with hosts Kelly and JJ, listeners hear from survivors, activists, academics, politicians, and gun owners. America's persistent firearm crisis is framed as the pressing public health epidemic it truly is, with the belief that a genuine, bipartisan discourse holds the key to its resolution.

The audience of this podcast is not only encouraged to educate themselves but also to unite with Brady in the collective effort against gun violence, forging a path toward a society that prioritizes safety and compassion above all else.

Strategy and Execution

In its inaugural season, RBB focused on critical themes, delving into racial justice, voting access, the impact of COVID-19, and the intricate intersectionality within the realm of gun violence prevention. As it entered its second season, the podcast expanded its mission, incorporating the voices of gun owners to address vital issues like the proliferation of crime guns, safe storage practices, responsible firearm training, and the cultural aspects surrounding contemporary gun ownership. These episodes spanned a wide spectrum, from examining gun violence's effects on indigenous communities to confronting the alarming suicide rates among veterans to advocating for safe hunting practices among adults and children.

In its third season, RBB continued to broaden its discussions on gun violence, embracing a more intersectional approach grounded in harm reduction principles. The podcast ventured to answer thought-provoking questions, including the role of poverty alleviation in combating gun violence and the connections between the issue and climate change. This season’s episodes also probed into strategies for preventing hate crimes. 

Now closing out its fourth season, the podcast’s educational mission persists. It sheds light on the ever-evolving landscape of gun violence in the United States, examining emerging threats and instances such as gender-based violence and the rise of guns stolen from vehicles. Additionally, RBB today confronts the challenges posed by the dissemination of misinformation and disinformation, critically addressing how the American public is misled regarding gun violence.

Today, RBB proudly stands as a unique and mission-driven podcast, offering a singular platform for survivors, activists, academics, and individuals of diverse backgrounds to engage in candid conversations about the pressing issue of gun violence, which claims the lives of over 100 Americans every day.

RBB's distinctive approach extends beyond typical podcast conventions. It prioritizes the comfort and well-being of survivors by granting them creative control over their episodes and involving them in the entire production process. By inviting a range of voices, including those advocating for permitless carry, RBB fosters nuanced, detailed discussions on gun violence prevention. These conversations tackle weighty subjects such as firearm suicide, the profound loss of children, post-trauma recovery, police violence, addressing conspiracy theories, and the pursuit of racial justice. All this is presented in a conversational format that values transparency and accessibility, aiming to destigmatize gun violence as a "third-rail issue." RBB’s unique perspective offers a vital contribution to the ongoing discourse surrounding this complex and sensitive topic.


RBB's success in the gun violence prevention community is not just measured in terms of download numbers and chart placements, but also by the impact it has had on its audience. With a reputation for providing insightful narratives and research, RBB has become a trusted source for activists and researchers seeking to promote their work. Survivors of gun violence have also expressed their gratitude for RBB's role in providing a platform to share their stories, grow their community, and support their healing processes. RBB's commitment to amplifying diverse voices and perspectives has been a key factor in its success and the impact it has had on the gun violence prevention movement. 

Moreover, RBB is proud of its position as a podcast that has built a community not just of its listeners, but of its guests. Of RBB's published 233 episodes, 200 have featured guests from outside of the Brady organization. Many of these guests have become members of the RBB family, where they frequently check in, re-up their content, and find support for their endeavors. Several survivors of gun violence have chosen RBB to be the first place where they share their stories, given the podcast's focus on making sure their content helps, not harms; all guests are given podcast questions in advance, and survivors and members of impacted communities are further given the opportunity to review, and ultimately control the publication of, their podcast episode.


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