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Special Project

Special Project

Paramount ANZ’s MTV ‘OUT LOUD PROUD’ Pro-Social Campaign

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MTV Australia is the leading youth entertainment brand. It is a trusted resource for young people to obtain information about global social issues affecting communities around the world and a go-to platform where activists and aspiring change-makers can share their thoughts, ideas and tips on how to use their passion for activism within a global community.


MTV’s ‘Out Loud Proud’ pro-social campaign launched during World Pride in Australia in March 2023, to foster an all-inclusive community where the MTV audience was encouraged to use their voices and actions to create acts for change.


By launching the ‘Out Loud Proud’ pro-social campaign, MTV reached the LGBTQ+ community to remind them of their strength, allow them to openly share their stories and experiences without fear, and to educate the wider community on how they can show their true colours.


MTV Australia focusses on important social responsibilities to connect with its audience. MTV Australia launched the ‘Out Loud Proud’ campaign in March 2023 to align with Sydney World Pride. The aim of the campaign was to support and amplifying the voices of the LGBTQI+ community.


MTV’s strategy included engaging with fun, inclusive, positive and respected local artists and comedians, including Carla From Bankstown, to inform and support the LGBTQ+ community, fostering bravery and a sense of community.


Three separate videos were created, ‘OUT’, ‘LOUD’ and ‘PROUD’ shared across our social media platforms and on air idents through the MTV channel.


MTV’s goal to create an entertaining message to promote an important topic in a classic Australian way, was achieved through utilising a fun, inclusive and positive vibe.


Carla From Bankstown opened up about her own personal coming out story, how to overcome the fear of coming out and offered advice for anyone who has had a hard time coming to terms with their sexuality and identity. These videos messages were deep and heartfelt, but were also fun, quirky and entertaining.


Collaborating with Carla From Bankstown on Instagram, the campaign was able to reach a larger audience and spread awareness of the MTV campaign. The campaign had reached a total of 6,245 Instagram accounts, adding up to 31 hours and 50 minutes of viewing. The campaign had 417 interactions in total and the hashtag #GenChange has over 1,000 related posts.


MTV Australia successfully generated inclusive community support of the LGBTQ+ community among its social followers through the ‘Out Loud Proud’ campaign.


Collaborating with Carla from Bankstown on Instagram reached a large audience and spread awareness of the ‘Out Loud Proud’ campaign. The campaign had reached a total of 6,245 accounts the total watch time adds up to 31 hours and 50 minutes. The campaign had 417 interactions in total and the hashtag #GenChange has over 1,000 related posts.


Positive online support for Carla From Bankstown flooded the MTV posts and Carla’s account. Comments were positive and helped people within the community to understand themselves. The campaign spots were also shared with the international MTV UK team who posted them on their social platforms as well – reaching a global audience.


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MTV / Paramount ANZ


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