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#MakeThemDream: Helping Parents Enable Their Kids To Dream

Audience Honor in Youth & Family


Amidst the pandemic, a significant number of individuals fell ill, leading to numerous business closures and leaving countless people grappling with unemployment. Families were particularly hard-hit, with children even experiencing adverse effects. A study on Filipino children's perspectives titled "COVID-19: In the Eyes of a Filipino Child" shows that many view the pandemic as a serious threat, experiencing fear and concern for their and their loved ones' well-being. Exposure to news and preventive measures contributes to their anxiety. Their priorities have shifted towards safety, health, and future aspirations, making them more aware of life's uncertainties.


As a PR agency, we want to use our expertise to lend a hand and create a program that will help parents reignite the passion in the kids who were also severely affected by the effects of the pandemic to dream again.


The primary objective of this campaign is to connect with as many parents as possible and encourage their participation in a four-week initiative. The aim is to design a series of diverse activities that will facilitate meaningful interactions between parents and their children, allowing the latter to rekindle their capacity to dream and imagine. At the culmination of the campaign, a select number of parent-child pairs will be chosen. These pairs will be presented with a commemorative plaque containing photographs that capture moments from their joint activities. This plaque will serve as a lasting memory for the children as they grow older.

Strategy and Execution

To effectively ensure the success and maximized impact of this campaign, several vital resources are integral. These resources encompass the target audience, requisite funds, a dedicated campaign team, and a well-structured timeline for implementation.

The campaign is empowered by a captive audience and an online community. Our PR agency has painstakingly cultivated a robust network that spans nearly a hundred news sites and online magazines. This network serves as a potent platform for campaign execution due to its expansive readership and robust content-sharing capabilities. Leveraging these platforms not only grants access to a vast readership but also facilitates the dissemination of invaluable information to individuals who stand to benefit significantly.

In this campaign, PAGEONE harnessed the power of their dedicated Facebook community, "Nanay Republic," which boasts an impressive membership of 13,000 engaged members. This thriving platform serves as a hub for like-minded individuals, particularly mothers, homemakers, and first-time moms, to convene, share ideas, seek advice, and provide support.

Regarding the budget, as the campaign operates primarily online, the allocated funds are centered on acquiring plaques. The four plaques amount to a total cost of Php8,000. These plaques serve as meaningful tokens presented to selected parent-child pairs each week. Beyond their symbolic value, the plaques hold a deeper purpose—they serve as enduring reminders for children as they grow, reflecting on their aspirations during formative years.

For the campaign's execution, a structured approach was outlined:

STEP 1 – USE A COMMUNITY PAGE: The agency utilized the Facebook community "NANAY REPUBLIC," with over 13,000 followers, as a platform to reach the target audience. This page enabled direct interaction and audience tracking, becoming a space for moms to share thoughts about their children and aspirations.

STEP 2 - CREATION OF INTERACTIVE ACTIVITIES: To engage the community, PAGEONE designed various activities, aiding mothers in guiding their children's participation. These activities encompassed writing, sketching, and storytelling, conducted through the Mamay Republic Facebook group. The exercises aimed to uncover children's long-term aspirations, stimulate independent thinking, encourage creativity, and assess their ability to dream.

Week 1 - Ask kids “what” they want to be when they grow up. This will start the conversation between the mom and the kid and talk about what the kids want to be. This will enable the kids to think about their future self.

Week 2 - Ask the kids “who” they want to be. This will enable the kids to think of a specific person who they admire or can admire, and be their role model.

Week 3 - Ask the kids “to draw” what they want to be. This exercise will help the kids demonstrate their understanding of the person / function that they want to be.

Week 4 - Ask moms to deliver a message on how they will ensure that their kids will achieve their dreams. By creating a video,  this will enable the moms to think of an actionable plan on how they will help their kids achieve their dreams.



The campaign has achieved remarkable success by exceeding its engagement goals and effectively connecting with a diverse audience. It successfully promoted meaningful interactions between parents and children, addressing challenges related to waning hopes and aspirations. The campaign featured four parent-child tandems, presenting them with commemorative plaques showcasing the child's aspirations, creating lasting reminders of their heartfelt conversations.

Furthermore, the campaign introduced four distinct weekly challenges, providing parents and children with opportunities to discuss future aspirations and career paths. These activities fostered bonding and dialogue. The campaign's creativity was enhanced through the use of four artcards, effectively conveying challenges and messages, inspiring introspection and actionable steps towards dreams.

In terms of reach, the campaign achieved exceptional outcomes, reaching 9,915 individuals—205% more than the initial target of 3,250. Additionally, 795 dedicated Filipino mothers participated alongside their children, sharing artwork and written pieces to gauge the pandemic's impact on young aspirations. Overall, the campaign's success highlights its ability to engage, connect, and resonate with a wide-ranging audience, solidifying its achievement in building bonds and sparking creativity among parents and children.


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