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Special Project

Special Project
From the 8th Annual Shorty Impact Awards

Made to be Remade

Silver Honor in Short Form Video

Bronze Honor in Environment & Sustainability


All good things come to an end, but what if the end was just the start? adidas know that plastic waste is a problem. And one of their solutions is innovation. That’s why they created Made to be Remade. Sportswear that’s designed to be recycled, instead of thrown away. Consumers wear it down and then return it to adidas to remake parts of new products. A circular production model which takes waste, and gives it a new life.

We needed to educate Gen-Z consumers across the globe on how the Made to Be Remade process works, and we wanted to integrate that circularity thinking into the heart of our campaign. 

It started with our launch film. Designed to seamlessly loop on social platforms, our short, informative content embodied the Made to be Remade process, showing how the journey never ends as each product can be remade into something new at the end of its life.

Meanwhile on Tiktok, we laid the process bare for our consumers. We worked with activists and sneakerheads on the platform to talk honestly about the product line. No greenwashing, no fake news, just honest chats about sustainability and the sneaker industry. 

Strategy and Execution

Tackling plastic waste is a major focus for adidas, and they wanted to make their circular innovation, Made to be Remade, famous for Gen z activists. 

The concept is simple - each product is specially designed to be lived in, loved, worn and returned to adidas to be regenerated into something new. The only problem? adidas were struggling to educate gen z activists on how the process works, and more importantly not giving them a reason to care. 

We needed a new way to talk about it, one that connected with gen z culture and their own motivations in sustainability. We knew that this generation are well practised in recycling and renewal - from remixing viral audios to upcycling their preloved fits, turning something old into something new is a lifestyle choice they’re already making. 

So if we wanted to transform Made to be Remade from a functional solution into an appealing concept they’d care about, this was our opportunity to align the power of circular innovation with gen z’s existing behaviour.


Our Made To Be Remade content generated nearly 3x more reach on Instagram compared to other adidas global posts on the platform within the last 6-months, and got shared twice as much as any other adidas post. Across the comments, we got people talking. Fans not only seemed on board with the campaign and idea behind it, but also discussed how adidas were leading the charge for a sustainable future. We  put discussion at the heart of the campaign, with fans talking about the impacts of shipping, recycling and what circularity means for the future of fashion. And we got some high profile approval too from the likes of David Beckham too. It shows that if you speak about these progressive sustainability initiatives in a way that gen-Z can relate to, it gives them even more of a reason to care.


Video for Made to be Remade

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We Are Social Sport, adidas


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