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Special Project

Special Project
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Logo Spill

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In response to the dwindling number of spaces for authentic LGBTQ conversations, Logo set out to uniquely amplify queer voices with its intoxicatingly entertaining interview series, Spill with Johnny Sibilly.

Hosted by actor, activist and pop-culture enthusiast, Johnny Sibilly, Spill invites lgbtq celebrities to sit down with a familiar face for a cocktail and conversation about all things entertainment, representation and juicy tea, of course! With a goal of creating a safe space for unfiltered LGBTQ conversations to unfold, Spill sets out to touch on everything from recent winner of Rupaul's Drag Race, Sasha Colby, talking about the misconceptions about trans women doing drag to style icon, Law Roach, opening up - for the first time - about being aromantic.

These uniquely queer conversations are shared in full on Logo’s youtube with breakouts across social media in the hopes of sparking much needed conversations about pop-culture’s role in LGBTQ progress, the importance of representation and more.

Strategy and Execution

The Logo team leaned into spotlighting strong and unapologetic queer voices in a safe space where candid conversations and revelations could live. We capitalized on pop culture topics from movies like Bros and Fire Island to Law Roach’s retirement from celebrity styling to tap into uniquely queer conversations. With more than 13 million views, the second season of Spill spread these uplifting yet spicy LGBTQ conversations across the digital landscape like never before.

Season 2 featured some of the biggest LGBTQ celebrities like Sasha Colby, the winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 15, celebrity stylist Law Roach, Laith Ashley, and Zane Phillips from Fire Island and Netflix’s Glamorous. This top tier talent guest list helped the series solidify its place as the entertaining and queer interview show for your favorite celebrities to go beyond the twitter threads to give the full, unfiltered story.

There are other viral interview series like Hot Ones and Chicken Shop Date, but Spill covers conversations from a uniquely queer angle, letting the kiki get candid over multiple rounds of drinks — and a spicy game of Sip or Spill where guests are given increasingly spicy questions and given the opportunity to sip and not answer or spill all the tea!

While fun was being had inside the Spill Bar, across the country LGBTQ rights were being pushed back and attacked, with multiple anti-drag and trans bills being voted into law. Navigating these tough and sensitive topics through the tone of the show could prove difficult at times but through Johnny’s uplifting and celebratory pov, the show proved to tackle some of the most pressing issues with a healthy mix of humor and thoughtfulness.

By creating a warm and inviting physical environment, the Logo Spill bar set allowed for authentic conversation to unfold, and acted as a safe space from the outside world — a feeling that came across in the final interviews.

There is no other online interview series that threads the creative needle through these important yet hysterical conversations with exclusively LGBTQ talent and topics.


With over 13 million views, Spill has caught the attention of many thirsty viewers and sparked important conversations about LGBTQ representation and visibility across the digital ecosystem. The series was the first of its kind to offer recently retired Law Roach a platform to speak about his career and long standing friendship with Zendaya and never-before-shared journey with his aromantic life.

Beyond that, season two gave platform to the most recent winner of Rupaul's Drag Race, Sasha Colby, in offering her an open space to talk about the all-too-dated misconceptions about trans women doing drag.

With an average view time of 6 minutes on YouTube, Spill has been praised for its honest, open and diverse conversations about a wide range of LGBTQ issues making it a unique talk format not happening anywhere else.


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