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Special Project

Special Project

Labors of Love Docuseries

Entered in Branded Series


Labors of Love, a raw and emotional docuseries, gives viewers an in-depth look at the care provided to laboring mothers at The Women’s Hospital at Jackson Memorial - one of Jackson Health System’s maternity hospitals in Miami, Florida.

The four-part series captures the miracle of childbirth, and gives a candid look at labor and delivery nurses and their patients, while they navigate unpredictable situations that arise during labor. We want viewers to get to know the maternity nurses at Jackson Memorial, including their compassion, wisdom, expertise and humor, all while highlighting what makes Jackson’s labor and delivery unit so unique. 

The series captures the nursing team in action while an emergency C-section arises in the labor and delivery floor, and the newborn baby is rushed to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Holtz Children’s Hospital – Jackson’s pediatric hospital. The series later on captures the emotional reunion between mother and baby in the NICU, along with an unexpected breach of birth. The idea driving the work can be compared to the feeling of watching a mother hold her son for the very first time.

The objective of the docuseries was to capture these special moments in their purest form and provide resources to those planning a family or currently expecting. This resource strives to be compelling for these individuals to understand more about the labor process and choose to start or continue their journey with the team depicted at The Women’s Hospital at Jackson Memorial.


Our production process began with the pre-selection of moms that would be interested in being featured in this series. Some of the moms were chosen from a group attending maternity classes, others were ahigh-risk moms already planning on delivering at The Women's Hospital. Additionally, mothers who presented to the hospital, already in labor, were offered the opportunity to participate in order to reproduce the unexpected twists and turns of labor and delivery. Interview questions, and planned scenes were developed with the goal in mind to include a range of stories including natural births, c-sections, healthy and NICU babies, and diversity of cases. The main plan of action was to intertwine incredible storytelling and unplanned occurrences that truly capture the essence of labor.

The campaign’s landing page features the docuseries along with additional resources, supported by postings on Jackson’s YouTube channel for further reach. This series is a captivating experience for viewers, as it portrays this momentous occasion that not enough people get to experience. The production of this series required high levels of cooperation and involvement from management, nursing staff, and marketing staff alike in order to accomplish filming in an intimate environment, and capturing the message in an appropriate and authentic way. 

It took more than two 12-hour days of on-site filming to capture most of the footage. A crew followed the nurses to capture their interaction with patients, shoot planned scenes, and execute on-camera interviews throughout the day. An additional off-site shoot included hour-long interviews that captured reaction to previously shot footage. Overall, the series featured footage of live action scenes, b-roll, and interviews. It also required several hours of editing to produce a compelling four-episode series.



Labors of Love has reached a great audience through Youtube and its landing page. This series continues to be a resource for those who are planning or are currently experiencing a pregnancy. The efforts of this docuseries continue to be a successful and insightful resource on both its respective landing page and on YouTube.

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Jackson Health System


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