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Special Project

Special Project
From the 8th Annual Shorty Impact Awards

Kurve x Treecard: TikTok for Green Impact

Silver Honor in TikTok

Audience Honor in TikTok


The climate crisis affects everybody but consumers are often left alone to bear this burden, with governments offering little support and brands lacking the commitment to drive substantial change. 

Treecard, an impact-first FinTech app which gives 80% of profits to reforestation projects, makes it easier to take a stand against climate change by giving people the opportunity to preserve nature as they go about their day. 

As of January 2023, Treecard planted over 300,000 trees across 34 different countries and managed to create thousands of jobs through tree planting. Treecard has been working closely with rural communities in Ethiopia, Indonesia and Senegal supporting local women’s groups, improving the livelihood of farmers and promoting natural biodiversity.

Treecard enlisted Kurve to help grow their reach in the US market. The objective: save the planet by encouraging people to live a greener, healthier life.

Strategy and Execution

Working closely with Treecard, the team at Kurve began with establishing the top metrics that would allow us to measure results clearly and consistently:

  1. Driving installations
  2. Activating new users to join the Walk to Plant campaign

To reach these targets, we focused our growth strategy on the community-building potential of the Walk to Plant campaign and leveraged the power of user-generated TikTok Spark Ads to promote it on a large scale. 

In order to rapidly deploy new videos and allocate budget to the best performers, we split TikTok creatives between a first campaign group for testing only and a second group of winning campaigns.

Thanks to this solution, we were able to test a high number of Spark Ads and direct spend towards the videos that drove a high conversion rate for the lowest possible cost per install and Walk to Plant cost per action. This approach allowed us to achieve maximum return and scale. 

🌱 We tested an average of 10 user-generated videos every week.

🌱 Over the seven-day period we analysed key metrics, observing video performance from an engagement and installations point of view. We made the most of TikTok’s Video Insights tool which gave us access to key data on our audience’s behaviour and helped us understand how and when Treecard’s users were engaging with videos and what was generating conversions (actions, images, sounds, words etc.). 

🌱 The videos that drove installations and Walk to Plant for the lowest costs were moved into the winning campaigns group.

🌱 Budget was adjusted and scaled accordingly: the spend was concentrated behind the assets that drove customers' actions with the lowest possible costs. 

🌱 We kept observing the 30-day performance of our winning videos through TikTok’s Video Insights tool to maximise their potential while avoiding audience fatigue.

Within each campaign testing cycle, only a few assets will meet the success criteria, so the more videos we were able to acquire, the more chances there were to find the winning formula: Kurve’s Influencer Marketing team sourced an impressive 100 Spark Ads creatives over a period of two months.

Creators were pre-selected according to their compatibility with the brand and the presence of viral patterns within their accounts (a consistent number of videos with significant views and likes). We gave creators a lot of freedom to produce their content in order to test as many different ideas as possible. In some cases, we also offered briefs reflecting the feedback from TikTok’s Video Insights tool to increase positive impact on the audience and drive conversions.


Our TikTok strategy showed the huge impact of the Walk to Plant campaign, which has helped Treecard confidently focus on the eco-conscious features and functionality of the app to support and grow its banking side: ‘Treecard’s dream is to become the largest challenger bank in the world and help usher in a new type of purpose-driven business that flips capitalism on its head.’ (Jamie Cox, co-founder)

Here are the top results that we achieved between January and March 2023:

In total, we have generated 280 videos encouraging people to take climate action, reaching over 230M unique views. Our best performing video got over 87M views and 2.9M likes.


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Kurve, Treecard


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