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Special Project

Special Project
From the 8th Annual Shorty Impact Awards

Knorr x Cardi B Taste Combos

Silver Honor in Influencer & Celebrity


Knorr, maker of delicious bouillons, rice and pasta sides and more, has been a staple in American kitchens for decades. Yet many American parents are spending less time cooking and instead, opting for takeout options that better fit their busy lifestyles (MRI) and deliver on their #1 food priority: good taste (Mintel - What/ How America Eats - 2022). For more than ⅔ parents, this means feeding their families fast food regularly or semi-regularly. They know it is unhealthy for their kids (Mott Poll -2021), but it’s a guaranteed, convenient way to give their family a delicious meal. And yet 72% of Americans say they’d eat healthier if their food tasted better (SWNS).

The brand needed to show Americans that home cooking with Knorr can be just as delicious and convenient as fast food, but more nutritious.

Strategy and Execution

To boost craveability and be considered along with fast food options, Knorr decided to appropriate the marketing tropes of the industry and apply them to the world of home cooking. Knowing celebrity-themed meals had become a popular marketing device for many of the most successful fast food brands that show off the food’s mouthwatering taste and pop-culture appeal,  Knorr brought in its own mega-star to do the same.

Knorr partnered with Cardi B - fresh off the heels of promoting a certain fast food giant - to launch a new, healthier, alternative combo meal: Knorr Taste Combos. a menu of delicious, nutritious, and affordable recipes that bring together veggies, lean protein, and flavorful Knorr offerings that can be prepared at home in under 30 minutes and under $4 per serving.

To promote this special collab on delivery service GrubHub, Knorr had Cardi B surprise real, combo-meal-loving families who thought they were taking part in a fast-food taste test, to make nutritious meals at home. 

To expand reach nationwide, Cardi took to TikTok for a cooking demo on her special Taste Combo, encouraging fans to create their own Knorr Taste Combo at home.



As a result of the campaign, Knorr: 


Video for Knorr x Cardi B Taste Combos

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Edelman, Knorr


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