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Special Project

Special Project
From the 8th Annual Shorty Impact Awards

KIND Almond Acres Initiative for Environmental & Sustainability

Finalist in Environment & Sustainability


Today, current farming practices are depleting soil nutrients. According to the Sustainable Markets Initiative, 40% of global farmland needs to be managed with regenerative practices by 2030 to keep global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius. Currently, only 15% is managed with regenerative practices, and regenerative agriculture in almonds is nascent.

As a top global almond buyer, it’s KIND’s responsibility to lead the industry towards a kinder way to grow almonds. In April 2023, KIND launched The KIND Almond Acres Initiative (KAAI), a three-year pilot project testing a combination of regenerative agriculture practices and modern technologies on 500 acres in California. In tandem with KAAI, KIND announced its goal to source 100% of its almonds from farms leveraging regenerative agriculture practices on a mass balance basis by 2030. The learnings from the pilot will help KIND set further environmental targets while informing how they’ll reach its goal by 2030.

To further invest in regenerative agriculture and help consumers understand its importance, KAAI expands across the almond supply chain by:

Strategy and Execution

In crafting KAAI, KIND demonstrated creativity in how the program was designed, but also how it collaborated across sectors to future-proof food production – a true first for the snack brand and among its CPG peers.

Taking a two-pronged approach, KIND first established the credibility of the pilot by partnering with authorities in the field to reach industry experts.

KIND also leveraged internal sustainability subject matter experts and the CEO for interviews to reach top global publications for interviews including Forbes and Newsweek.

To reach the second audience, KIND developed a robust digital and media strategy involving AR, VR, social and in-store experiences, KIND met consumers in-real time in ways that were interactive, digitally savvy and educational. Additionally, KIND chose a variety of digital platforms to meet consumers across generations, specifically Gen Z and millennials. Details of each feature are as follows:


KAAI established KIND as an industry leader and showcased the importance of regenerative agriculture in almond farming to stakeholders by breaking through new media verticals all while having the brand mission of being kinder to the community and the planet at the heart of the project.


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