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From the 8th Annual Shorty Impact Awards

JanSport #AdaptedForMe Influencer Campaign

Winner in Diverse-Owned Businesses Campaign


JanSport developed one of the most innovative and inclusive backpack lines on the market in collaboration with Disability:IN, the leading organization driving disability inclusion and equality in business worldwide. It was vital that they authentically reached GenZ through a diverse, inclusive Influencer marketing campaign and partnered with JUV Consulting to launch. JUV is a certified minority-owned, Gen Z founded and operated agency that specializes in progressive marketing for ages 14-26. In this campaign, we sourced and partnered with social media’s favorite content creators to promote the launch of JanSport’s Adaptive Collection. 

The #AdaptedForMe campaign sought to build long-lasting relationships with a community that has been underserved when it comes to versatility and adaptability for carry solutions. The number one piece of feedback we received from influencers was how this was the first time one of their favorite brands had put so much thought, care, and design into a new launch. And for JUV, it was crucial to extend that same inclusivity to the creative surrounding the campaign. We ensured influencers had full creative freedom to showcase how other carry solutions may have let them down, and how #AdaptedForMe actually enhanced their daily life.

The goal was to get the influencers and their followers excited about the Adaptive Collection and generate awareness of JanSport as an inclusive brand that cares about the needs of those in this community.

Strategy and Execution

We thoughtfully casted a group of 7 creators (@coleandcharisma, @spencer2thewest, @menecisandbrody, @immarollwithit, @jomarie_lawrence, @tacotruckk, @dizzily.noa) from diverse backgrounds and abilities to try the new Adaptive Collection pack and show off its capabilities in fun and interesting ways. We had each influencer (or influencer pair) make a TikTok for their own channel, as well as Instagram stories. Additionally, we partnered with Mya Pol (@immarollwithit) to do a TikTok Live to talk about the product specs and her favorite ways to use the bag. The campaign crossovered into JanSport’s owned social channels in relevant and engaging ways with story reshares, TikTok reposts, and promoting of the TikTok Live.

We wanted multiple touchpoints and diverse audiences to ensure this campaign carried the most impact. We also briefed the influencers to create content that felt native to their own platforms, showing them naturally using their JanSport pack in everyday life to drive home authenticity.  

The campaign content goal was to bring awareness to the Adaptive Collection but most importantly we wanted to bring the creator stories to the forefront and have them show how they’d authentically use the bag in a way that resonates with their current content and audience.


The results were overwhelming. With a total of 15 pieces of influencer content, we had 7.2 million views (organic and sponsored), 115,000+ total engagements, and a 6.32% average engagement rate. 

Looking past the numbers we consider the real success to be the connection made between JanSport, the influencers, and their audiences. The influencers’ communities appreciated the inclusivity and thoughtfulness of the collection. JanSport cemented themselves as an inclusive brand for creating a backpack and alt carry that focused on functionality AND style.

Success to us was to create an extremely authentic social campaign by letting creators’ stories take center stage and we did just that.


Entrant Company / Organization Name

JUV Consulting, Jansport


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