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Special Project

Special Project
From the 8th Annual Shorty Impact Awards

Jamal Hill - Challenge The Impossible

Finalist in Youth & Family

Entered in Sports


Paralympic swimmer and philanthropist Jamal Hill shows us how to crush the most difficult obstacles with hard work and dedication. We follow him along a part of his journey, help raise awareness of the Swim Uphill Foundation and inspire marginalized youth to take up swimming. The foundation's mission is to teach 1 million people annually how to swim through the Swim Up Hill method, an innovative, accessible, and rapid swim-education program that empowers individuals, prevents drowning and promotes equity in marginalized communities. The Swim Up Hill Foundation provides innovative and culturally relevant swim instruction to the 50M low to middle-income people of color in the U.S. and around the world, who don’t know how to swim and are at extreme risk of drowning. We not only save lives, but we also improve lives.

Strategy and Execution

We followed Jamal Hill around for a day to capture his daily training and also focused on the quieter, more intimate moments inbetween. Everything came together in the edit very well, while parallel the animation for the stadium and the nerve tract was created. The electric impulses shooting through his nervous system, and his entrapment within those, represent not only the physical but also mental challenges he had to endure to find his path towards becoming one of the most successful paralympic swimmers to ever represent the US on the global stage. 


Video for Jamal Hill - Challenge The Impossible

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Revolutio Creative LLC, Swim Uphill Foundation


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