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Special Project

Special Project
From the 8th Annual Shorty Impact Awards

Ice Stupas in Ladakh

Finalist in Corporate Social Responsibility Campaign


Nestled between the Greater Himalayan and Karakoram mountain ranges, Ladakh boasts stunning landscapes. Here, mountain glaciers are not just vital for drinking and crop irrigation – they're life's essence. But, year by year, global warming quickens their melt, depriving villagers of much-needed water, especially during summers. The consequence? Due to water scarcity, residents are forced to leave their villages and migrate. Deeply committed to environmental conservation, the primary objective of this campaign was to confront the severe problem of water scarcity threatening lives in the region and adopt imaginative methods to alleviate it on the occasion of World Water Day.

Strategy and Execution


In line with its unwavering commitment to championing water conservation efforts nationwide, Astral Foundation has proactively furnished 4,200 meters of pipelines alongside essential materials for the construction of Ice Stupas. This innovative initiative is ingeniously tailored to provide a timely solution to the pressing water needs of the region.

Ice Stupa is an inventive water conservation venture, spearheaded by the lauded innovator and engineer, Mr. Sonam Wangchuk. The collaboration between Astral Foundation and Mr. Wangchuk's institute is firmly rooted in a shared mission: to confront and surmount the dire challenge of water scarcity that imperils lives within the region. The shared goal is to pioneer groundbreaking methods that alleviate the impending crisis.


At the heart of our campaign lies a compelling video narrative that eloquently showcases the transformation brought forth by the brand in a remote Ladakhi village. Through the artful communication of #BehatarKalWithAstral, we orchestrated a message of positivity, heralding a brighter future. The narrative deftly unveils the trials faced by the community due to water shortage, followed by the triumphant impact of our campaign—preserving a staggering million litres of water, timely utilized for agriculture and cultivation. The video's emotional resonance struck an immediate chord with the digital audience.

Capitalizing on YouTube, we galvanized the campaign across multiple social media platforms to garner maximum traction. To amplify the message's reach, strategic collaborations with micro-influencers were meticulously woven into the campaign's fabric.

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In a resounding synergy of purpose and action, Astral Foundation brings the power of change to Ladakh. This endeavour isn't just a drop in the ocean—it's a ripple that transforms landscapes and livelihoods alike. 




In a triumph of purposeful action, Astral Foundation's campaign became a beacon of transformation, reigniting hope in the hearts of countless individuals, and enabling them to reclaim their forsaken villages.

Harnessing the potent force of #BehatarKalWithAstral, the campaign surged across the digital realm, resonating with an astonishing 1 million individuals. This collective engagement sparked an exponential upsurge in impressions, reaching an impressive 12.22 million.

Amplifying this wave of change, social media influencers wielded their influence to extend the campaign's reach even further, resonating with nearly a million additional people.

The campaign's resonance was not confined to the digital domain alone. Esteemed publications of stature such as The Times of India, India Education Diary, India Frontline, and The Times Bureau, to name a few, lent their prominence to this compelling human-interest saga. Their coverage reverberated far and wide, casting the spotlight on the profound impact of the initiative.

Astral Foundation's mission, epitomized by this campaign, isn't just a mere chapter in the region's narrative; it's an indelible testament to the transformative power of collective action. 



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