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Special Project

Special Project

Hello Heart Dot-to-Dot

Entered in Healthcare & Pharma


Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. One person dies every 34 seconds from cardiovascular disease and it costs the United States nearly $229 billion each year. Knowing that high blood pressure is a leading cause of heart disease, the Hello Heart team created a mobile app that uses AI, behavioral science, personalized digital coaching and an FDA-cleared blood pressure monitor to drive lifestyle changes. We were tasked with creating the company’s first integrated, national brand campaign that shows how easy their app correlates everyday activities with overall heart health — complete with a landing page, digital banners, OOH billboards, and a commercial spot. 

The campaign had two objectives. The first was to raise brand awareness of Hello Heart’s app in a way that does not make taking care of one's heart health intimidating. The other objective was to drive awareness of heart disease as a leading cause of death and inspire people to make better choices for their health. Success was to be measured by click-through rates, qualified sales leads and overall visibility of the campaign tactics. 


We aptly named the campaign — and even the feature itself —  Dot-To-Dot. After all, the app allows its users to connect the dots to their heart health. Dot-to-Dot helps users understand how their behavior and lifestyle changes could be impacting their heart health. You can see what happens to your blood pressure and cholesterol when you take your meds regularly or start walking more. For the campaign creative, we refined a list of everyday, relatable activities to amplify the message of Dot-to-Dot. Could extra time outside make a difference? Could one day of missed medication really matter? These questions were used to engage the viewer knowing that so many of us struggle with these decisions every day. 

Understanding that our target audience was benefit managers, CHROs, benefit managers of Atlanta-based companies we created a creative campaign that consisted of ads, a video and a landing page that spoke to the everyday person with questions and answers to the simple and easy things one can do to help their heart health, like walking more or talking to a loved one. The creative spanned the cities of Las Vegas and Atlanta and across digital platforms from LinkedIn to Youtube to Cross-Platform displays. 

We considered the age group and demographics that heart health mostly affects and wanted our creative to speak to those 35+ and feel inclusive in its language and without shame. 

Our commercial spot strategically used a middle aged man as our main character to speak to dads across the US who are taking care of their heart health. Hello Heart has superior technology, technology that is often only used for athletes, however, they are using this technology to help everyday people make better decisions every day and connect those dots. 

Our B2B campaign geo-targeted the zip codes and locations of companies Hello Heart sought after and specifically targeted benefit managers, total rewards managers and wellness managers at the list of companies we geo-targeted. The B2B campaign consisted of custom B2B targeting, a B2B firmographic, look alike, predictive targeting and retargeting.


The Hello Heart's Dot-to-Dot campaign demonstrates the power of creative marketing to engage B2B audiences. The campaign effectively targeted employers to raise awareness of the importance of heart health for their employees, while promoting the Hello Heart app as a seamless solution that integrates with their benefits ecosystem. With notable customers such as Delta, Northwestern Mutual, and North Michigan University, this campaign serves as a prime example of how creative B2B marketing can increase product adoption and drive engagement among B2B customers.

Our digital banners hit and exceeded the industry performance benchmarks for brand awareness. We served 3,925,283 impressions, leading to 9,156 clicks and an overall .23% CTR (the industry benchmark is .20%). Our reach from the OOH campaign impressions was 10,345,812. 

Through our campaign, Hello Heart was put in front of two niche target audiences - B2B and B2C - and broke into users’ consideration sets. 


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Scout Lab, Hello Heart


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