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Special Project

Special Project

Guatemala Patient Reveal Video

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Clefts are the most common facial difference in the world, but also likely to be the most misunderstood. Around the world, people continue to believe harmful myths about those who have them that can be just as deadly as the condition itself. As the social media team at the world’s largest cleft charity, our job is to fight back against these misconceptions and use our platforms to showcase the beauty of every face and the lifesaving importance of cleft care. With ever-declining attention spans, this presents an ever-larger problem.  

We made the Instagram reel featuring Saulo, a Smile Train patient from Guatemala, as a solution. In it, we witness not only the physical transformation of Saulo's smile but also the emotional and psychological transformation that follows — all in just a few seconds. Saulo's newfound confidence radiates through every frame in a way that we felt would grab the attention of even the most distracted Instagram user.


Since Instagram prioritizes vertical videos in their algorithm, our social media lead collaborated with a talented local videographer in Guatemala, ensuring the essence of Saulo's transformative journey was flawlessly captured. 

Although the video is very short, it required numerous takes to authentically convey the complete spectrum of Saulo's transformation from a cleft to a beaming smile, made possible by Smile Train. To heighten the viewer's anticipation and create an immersive experience, we carefully selected an energetic musical accompaniment that effectively built up the emotional impact of the reveal. 

The fusion of meticulous filming, purposeful storytelling, and thoughtful audio elements culminated in a powerful visual narrative that transcended language and cultural barriers. It not only captured the transformative power of a smile but also ignited a deep connection in the hearts of viewers, compelling them to witness the remarkable impact of Smile Train's life-changing work. 

By strategically considering the evolving landscape of social media and harnessing the talents of our dedicated team and skilled collaborators, we crafted a short yet impactful video that stands as a testament to Saulo's journey and those of all Smile Train patients.


The results were clear: This video became our most viewed organic video of all time with over 82,000 unique views.


Video for Guatemala Patient Reveal Video

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Smile Train


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