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Special Project

Special Project

göt2b Teams Up with LGBTQIA+ Media & Influencer Partners To Embolden Unapologetic Self-Expression

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göt2b has a long history of working to foster safe spaces for creativity and self expression for the LGBTQIA+ community. And, while the LGBTQIA+ community remains under attack in both our government and culture at large, göt2b is committed to amplifying queer voices and delivering products members of these communities can use to express their true selves. According to GLAAD’s 2023 Advertising Visibility Index, “88% of [American] LGBTQ consumers agree brands should strive for multi-dimensional and human representation when including LGBTQ people in advertising or content” (GLAAD). Knowing this, göt2b aims to inspire consumers - no matter their race, gender, or orientation - to shine bright with a totally transformed while empowering them with education on got2b’s benefits. 

Our objective for our LGBTQIA+ focused campaigns is also to champion the talent of creators in the LGBTQIA+ community. This year, göt2b has partnered with LGBTQIA+ influencers, celebrities and organizations to celebrate and advocate for LGBTQIA+ voices, showcase their pride, and promote expression through protective styles and wigs.  

Knowing that the LGBTQIA+ community continues to be one of göt2b’s most engaged audiences, we wanted to tap into their affinity for the brand. We also wanted to recognize that within our target consumer for Bold hair color, the LGBTQ+ community is a 240 Index. To bring these values to life, we partnered with LGBTQIA+ leaders to create inclusive, engaging and affirming activations that allowed both göt2b and the LGBTQIA+ community to celebrate the beauty and creativity of this often overlooked consumer segment.


Ru Paul’s Drag Race Partnership:  

Originally premiering in the U.S 2009, Ru Paul’s Drag Race is a reality television series focusing on a group of drag queens vying for the champion title. The show also hosts several other events, including Ru Paul’s DragCon, which visited Los Angeles this spring.     

We leveraged a 360-plan activation with Ru Paul’s Drag Race inclusive of product integration in 3 linear Ru Paul web episodes during the Season 15 reunion, digital and social amplification. göt2b and RuPaul’s Drag Race put drag on a fast track to the future by sponsoring a custom challenge titled ‘That’s So Metal’ on RuPaul’s Take it to the Runway miniseries. 

We also sponsored the marquee of Ru Paul's DragCon, a 3-day convention where hundreds of thousands of Drag Race obsessed fans engaged with göt2b's immersive pop-up styling salon, color & styling tutorials and social extension with Drag Queen superstars. 


Revry TV Pride Ball Partnership:

Revry TV is a global streaming service with a focus on highlighting LGBTQIA+ media and artists. This spring Revry hosted a Pride Ball, including hundreds of fierce competitors, iconic judges, and live performances. Revry and gӧt2b teamed up not only to brand the event space itself, but also to inspire the competitive vogue categories: Femme Queen From the Future, Metallics Mayhem, Radiant Reflections Battles and Runway. The event was aired on the streaming service, where it received “the most minutes watched of any program in 2023 - 3x the average” (Revry).

Performers were judged based on their creativity incorporating the Metallics Color Line into their looks. gӧt2b also funded the $18,500 in challenge prize money that went to the winners of each of the categories: “Metallics Mayhem”, “Femme Queen from the Future”, “Radiant Reflections: A Metallics Pride Showdown” and “Göt2b Klub”.


Tokyo Stylez Partnership:

This year göt2b is proud to work with TokyoStylez to inspire our community to stay authentic to their true selves. Tokyo is an experienced wig stylist who works with many notable celebrities. She has styled Cardi B, Kylie Jenner, and Flo Milli, and more, who are featured on her Instagram for her 1.5 million followers. 

As a transgender woman, Tokyo knows what it takes to break social barriers and prove that anything is possible when you are doing something that you love. Through our brand partnership, Tokyo encourages the göt2b audience (and beyond) to utilize göt2b's hair styling and vibrant coloring products that allow one to express individuality.

Tokyo engaged both the göt2b community and her own following in a giveaway to march in the NYC Pride March with her in June of 2023. 10 winners joined her for a meet and greet before hitting the Pride March route to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community. As a native göt2b user, she also shared what Pride means to her while performing a full göt2b tutorial that transformed her into her most confident, authentic self with Metallics and the new protective styles products.


As a result of these activations, the göt2b Glued line has seen strong sales momentum. gӧt2b Glued styling portfolio dollar sales are up +19% YTD, outpacing the styling category at +7%. Unit sales are up +5%, outpacing the category which is down -1%. Growth is compounded by strong velocity (Dollar Sales Per TDP) +18% YTD, which is +4% faster than the category.

Ru Paul’s DragCon activation garnered over 21MM media impressions (117 index vs. planned) and over 4.5MM video views. During the DragCon event duration the göt2b’s Instagram engagements rose by +205% and audience grew by 593 followers.

700+ people were in attendance during Revry’s Pride Ball event which premiered on Revry on June 18th, breaking Revry records with the most minutes watched of any program in 2023. The daily viewership of Pride Ball was 20% above average for programming during the same period last year. The event was promoted across social media platforms where impressions reached over 175k with an average engagement rate of 4% (2x above the benchmark). 

Tokyo has done press interviews with Allure, Refinery29 and PopSugar on the new products and their efficacy, posted tutorial videos showing Metallics dye outs and the Glue/Unglue process and hosted giveaways to win her favorite göt2b products and join her at the NYC Pride March. Following that giveaway, göt2b saw increases in social media metrics, including a 62.5% increase in followers, a 126.5% increase in organic likes and a 1,200% increase in story replies.    


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