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GOOLAI vs. GULAY : Educating Homemakers About Alternative Sources Of Nutrition

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During the pandemic, a lot of people got sick, and many companies had to close, which led to many people losing their jobs. This made things difficult for many homemakers who are working to support their families. These homemakers are trying their best, but they're having trouble making enough money to cover everything they need. As a result, they sometimes have to leave out certain ingredients from meals, which can make the food less healthy. There is a need to help homemakers learn about other ways to get good nutrition for their families without spending too much money. This way, they can keep providing healthy meals for their loved ones even during tough times.


As a PR agency, we want to use our expertise to lend a hand and create a program that will help homemakers, with the help of an online community, to continuously provide nutritious meals to their families without costing them a lot.


PAGEONE has launched an impactful campaign called "Goolai vs. Gulay: Educating Homemakers About Alternative Sources Of Nutrition" in response to rising commodity prices, particularly for vegetables, in the Philippines. The campaign aims to empower Filipinos to cook nutritious meals on a constrained budget without compromising quality. 


The goal is to come up with research on vegetable prices across different locations in the Philippines, showcase a list of vegetables and their corresponding nutritional values, and engage a community in educating homemakers on their technique for providing nutritious meals without breaking the bank.


Strategy and Execution

“Nutritious food need not be expensive.” The campaign endeavors to empower Filipino homemakers by equipping them with knowledge and resources to prepare affordable and nutrient-rich meals for their families, despite the challenges posed by escalating food prices. By emphasizing this message, PAGEONE aims to break the misconception that healthy food is always costly, thereby enabling homemakers to make informed choices and ensure the well-being of their loved ones.


PAGEONE goes beyond serving corporate clients by utilizing our publishing arm to gain insights into diverse communities and campaign efficacy. We strive to initiate impactful campaigns that uplift society. 


The COVID-19 pandemic has led to significant challenges worldwide, including health and safety measures, economic shutdowns, and disruptions in various industries. It has unleashed some of the problems that are not talked about in mainstream media:





PAGEONE seeks to enlighten households about sustaining their daily food intake through the identification of cost-effective alternatives that offer similar nutritional benefits. To achieve this, the following actions were undertaken:


STEP 1 - RESEARCH ON THE EXISTING COST OF VEGETABLES – A random visit across several “palengkes”/ wet market were made across the Philippines on the same date. We asked our correspondent in Nueva Ecija in Luzon, Negros Oriental in Visayas and Cagayan de Oro in Mindanao to check the prizes of vegetables. A list of specific vegetable were provided. The research was made last September 24, 2022.

STEP 2 - GULAY VS. GULAY – We identified which vegetables can be a supplement of other vegetables based on nutrition, texture and taste.

STEP 3 - EDUCATE AUDIENCE ON THE CHARACTERISTICS OF EACH VEGETABLES – Using art cards, we displayed the characteristics of each vegetables and how and why they can be a replacement of other vegetables and post ot on social media.

STEP 4 - CROWDSOURCE OTHER ALTERNATIVES – We encouraged the audience to engage and make suggestions on what replacement they are using and we were surprised how Filipinos are very creative when it comes to cooking.

STEP 5 - MONITOR PERFORMANCE AND IF WE ARE GETTING RESPONSE FROM THE TARGET AUDIENCE - Page performance was also considered for the implementation of the campaign, utilizing PAGEONE’s main Facebook page with over 1 million followers.


We embarked on a research endeavor aimed at uncovering the intricate realities of pricing in the market. This meticulous nationwide initiative was centered around scrutinizing vegetable costs and conducting comprehensive price comparisons. Through this thorough exploration, we gained profound insights into the prevailing circumstances, with a specific emphasis on understanding how the pandemic has influenced vegetable prices.


Our commitment to fostering inspiration and engagement led us to craft a series of 15 informative and artistic cards. Over the course of two months, we dedicatedly conceptualized and distributed these art cards, maintaining an impressive pace of delivering an average of two cards per week. The impact of these art cards was truly remarkable, drawing an average of 120 interactions, eliciting 30 suggestions, and garnering 20 regular comments from our devoted audience.


Our aspiration for extensive online outreach and engagement drove our strategy, spanning across various web and social media platforms. With a goal to connect with 100,000 individuals and stimulate 3,000 active engagements, we are elated to share that our achievements have far surpassed our initial expectations. The campaign's reach extended to an impressive 123,408 people, exceeding our target by 123%. The response was equally overwhelming, with 4,387 comments received, which is 146% of our intended target. Furthermore, the campaign elicited valuable input from over 400 individuals who provided insightful suggestions, contributing to the campaign's overall success.


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