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Special Project

Special Project
From the 8th Annual Shorty Impact Awards

for Tomorrow

Winner in Environment & Sustainability, Long Form Video

Finalist in Global Campaign

Gold Honor in Multi-Platform Campaign

Audience Honor in Environment & Sustainability, Long Form Video


for Tomorrow is a campaign and ongoing support and media ecosystem for grassroots innovators around the globe who are solving the most important issues of our time, from within the communities who need those solutions most urgently. 

Arising out of a desire by Hyundai Motor Company to invest in democratized innovation happening globally, as a reflection of their commitment to bring the latest tech to the most people at an accessible price-point, "for Tomorrow" was built by Sid Lee, a creative agency headquartered out of Montreal, Canada, with the involvement of The Nation of Artists, a social-impact agency led by 5x SxSW Innovation Award winner Elliot Kotek.

'for Tomorrow' centered around the United Nations Development Programme's Accelerator Labs that operate in approx 100 locations around the world, which identify often untraditionally-educated innovators working to enhance life in their own communites, and who are solving (locally) some of the world's most pressing problems. By collaborating with the UNDP, and jointly establishing a unified 'for Tomorrow' brand, the initiative utilizes the best of each, the expertise and reach of a major international corporation and a massive non-governmental organization with people on the ground. 

With a) more than 84 projects over 52 countries currently supported by the web platform

b) a wealth of social media content,

c) short films,

d) influencer ambassadors, 

e) a feature documentary with major distribution, 

f) live conversations curated within UN programming,

this innovation ecosystem had a goal for global reach in order to achieve maximal awareness and impact.

Strategy and Execution

A first-ever partnership between Korea's Hyundai Motor Company and the United Nations Development Programme began as a web-based platform where innovators (working on issues such as sustainability, the recycling and upcycling of waste, renewable energy, disability access, re-icing the Arctic, increasing opportunities for women, water security, etc) can post their solutions, have their work vetted, then be connected to others working on similar issues, and to mentors and others who can aid or amplify their work. There are now 84 active innovation projects from 52 countries supported on the platform.

In addition, the for Tomorrow media ecosystem serves as a megaphone for these innovators working at their local level, by telling their stories through @fortomorrow2030-dedicated social channels, as well as through curated conversations at the United Nations General Assembly. Additionally, to ensure that the content reached different demographics and people of different socio-economic landscapes, the project also consists of short films launched by influencers such as Jessica Alba, with consultation from environmentalist David Rothschild, and culminated in a feature documentary narrated by Star Wars' Daisy Ridley, featuring TIME Kid of the Year Gitanjali Rao, and promoted via short-form content from K-Pop sensations BTS. The feature documentary premiered at Lincoln Center in New York during the UN General Assembly week with UNDP and Hyundai executives in attendance, plus Ambassadors, supporters and other representatives. 

Importantly, local filmmaking teams were enlisted to capture the stories from within each country, further connecting innovators to the storytelling they need to reach more people.


The mix of elements in this campaign has resulted in diverse engagements across socioeconomic and geographic demographics, as well as organic impact and opportunities for the innovators and others featured in our films and documentaries.

The Web Platform: There are currently 84 active innovation projects from 52 countries supported on the platform.

The Content Availability: The social media components of @fortomorrow2030 are in their third year; Earth Day films were promoted by Jessica Alba and launched at the UN General Assembly to bureaucrats, politicians, NGO and other leaders; the conversations (e.g. around sustainable transport) were programmed in the UNGA's official events; the feature documentary is distributed in more than 30 countries via Amazon, and via YouTube to the rest of the world. The feature documentary, due to the willingness of Hyundai to keep its own branding off the film except when used organically, has enabled the film to find itself programmed at more than 20 film festivals in Spain, France, Nepal, India, Indonesia, Canada, Australia, Turkey, Sweden, Switzerland, various locations in South America and the US - from which it's received more than a dozen awards. 

The entire ecosystem was honored by SXSW with an Innovation Award for Media, with Anthem Awards, and other honors.

Also, the supportive videos from BTS promoting the documentary have resulted in additional opportunities for our film's heroes. For example, our disability rights advocate Jamilla was invited to a K-Pop café in Azerbaijan where she was able to share her vision for an inclusive future. 


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Sid Lee & The Nation of Artists, United Nations Development Programme & Hyundai Motor Company


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