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Special Project

Special Project
From the 8th Annual Shorty Impact Awards

For all womens' rights

Gold Honor in YouTube


A majority of Swedish women of foreign background are not aware of their rights. That you as a woman have the right to your own body, your own economy and your own voice. That you have the right to your own life, without male violence and domination.

Our idea is simple, yet vital. You as a woman have rights. And you have the right to take in our message in your own language - so that you can feel seen and truly understand what these rights entail.

A simple idea which reached over 100 000 women. A simple idea that captured the target audience for an average of 18 seconds. A simple idea that made a crucial impact on women's lives. Women who, after learning of their rights, decided to ask for help. Since the campaign the number of calls to Terrafem increased by 100%.

Being aware of your rights may be simple, but vitally important.

-- Translated script from main video --

You have the right to be treated with respect.
No one is ever allowed to offend, ridicule, or harm you.

You have the right to hold your own opinions and express them.
You have the right to feel and think as you wish.

You have the right to your own finances.
You have the right to education, work, and deciding your income.

You have the right to decide what happens with your body.
You decide who, where, and when someone touches you.

You have the right to live safely.
You should not feel scared in your own home or anywhere else.

Neither your husband, father, nor brother can deny you these rights.
You have the right to a life free from violence.

Terrafem stands up for your rights!

Strategy and Execution

The aim with this campaign was to reach women of foreign origin to inform them about their rights as women in Sweden and to increase awareness of the support Terrafem provides.

Since this is a delicate subject, we needed to make sure our communication was safe to consume by our audience. Women of our target group could find themselves in a threatening situation where they need to be able to exit the ad quickly. This made us choose Youtube as a platform, and more precisely, skippable ads as a format. 

To make sure that our message would come across, regardless of any language barriers, the film was produced in 5 different languages – Arabic, Persian, Tigrinya, Ukrainian, and Swedish. 

Our strategy was to concentrate our effort on one channel due to a limited budget of SEK 55,000. This strategy made it possible to effectively target our audience in order to achieve the best results. Since we wanted to target women, speaking one of the five different languages, the media budget was distributed by these five segmentations. We used Meta’s audience tool to identify the target audience size, which was 164 500 women in total, and then verified with actual statistics from Svenskarna och Internet (an annual study of Swedish people's internet habits). 

To get an estimate of the number of impressions we counted on a CPM cost of SEK 80, that resulted in an estimate of 675 000 impressions. With that said, we aimed to reach the women in the target groups approximately 2.5 times. 

The idea behind the campaign "For all women's rights" is to make it easy and accessible to educate women of non-Swedish origin about their rights as women in Sweden. Our solution was to communicate our message in the most targeted and personalized way possible; in different languages with a direct tone of voice to get close, catch their attention, and make them feel seen. To balance the heavy subject, we created an inviting and warm expression that makes women feel empowered by the films and the message.


The campaign’s performance was measured through the KPIs ad views and video views and the incoming calls to Terrafem’s hotline. 

With a limited budget of SEK 55,000, we managed to generate 882,802 ad views on YouTube with an average viewing time of 18 seconds. Of these 882,802 ad views, we received 116,306 video views, i.e. the number of people who watched 30 seconds or more of the videos. Terrafem could also see a 100% increase in the number of women contacting them for support and legal advice from 5 phone calls per day to 10. In addition, we could also state that more people who contacted Terrafem during and after the campaign spoke Arabic, Persian, and Tigrinya than before, which testifies that we reached our target group and empowered them with our message.


Video for For all womens' rights

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The Amazing Society, Terrafem


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