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Special Project

Special Project
From the 8th Annual Shorty Impact Awards

Equal Bytes

Gold Honor in Gender Equality

Entered in Healthcare & Pharma


In our society, the inequity between women and men is an issue that permeates every aspect of our lives. So it is no surprise that this extends to new frontiers, including the digital realm.

The growth of digital art and the NFT space has brought this issue into sharp focus, exposing a glaring imbalance. Research reveals that 77% of sales in the NFT space are dominated by male creators, leaving women significantly underrepresented, accounting for less than 20% of the entire NFT market.

Excedrin is not merely an observer but a catalyst for change. We have embarked on a mission to reshape the future by tearing down the barriers that hinder women creators. Our objective is clear: to close the gender gap and alleviate the literal and figurative headaches women face when they venture into the NFT domain.

We took decisive action and launched Excedrin Equal Bytes - an Artist Accelerator Program that aims to revolutionize the NFT space by recruiting and empowering more female creators.

Equal Bytes is committed to providing comprehensive support to these talented artists as they embark on their NFT journey. Our program offers guidance, resources, and mentorship, ensuring that they have all the tools they need to confidently create their first NFTs.

Strategy and Execution


We forged a partnership with MakersPlace, the world's leading NFT market, and joined forces with influential voices who shared our passion for inclusivity to unleash a multi-faceted strategy. 

Recruitment of New Women Creators: We embarked on a mission to recruit and empower new women creators, inviting them to enter the NFT market through the MakersPlace platform. By extending this invitation, we provided them with a platform to showcase their creativity and amplify their voices.

Comprehensive Support: We ensured that our female artists had everything they needed to thrive. We facilitated the setup of cryptocurrency wallets and accounts and provided a free mint, the process of creating new tokens by authenticating user data and recording it on the blockchain. We also guaranteed a minimum bid of approximately $800 USD for a minimum of 100 women artists, assuring them of the value and recognition they deserve.

Elevating Artists through Emerging Features: Through the esteemed Emerging Features program, curated by MakersPlace and driven by the collective voice of the community, a select number of artists were elevated. Their exceptional works were chosen and voted on, granting them increased visibility and exposure through MakersPlace's extensive digital and social channels.


We deployed the following methods for the Equal Bytes program. 

Influencer Engagement: 20+ passionate 'Curators,' including renowned influencers Shurooq Amin and Gala Mirissa, lent their influential voices to our cause. Through their active participation, we leveraged the credibility and reach of these influencers, who took to Twitter to issue a CTA, encouraging women to submit applications. 

Twitter Spaces: Hosted two Twitter Spaces sessions with Curators to promote Equal Bytes and to discuss how women artists can collectively create a more equitable Web3 space. 

Organic Social: Invited Excedrin consumers to apply organically via brand owned social channels.

Earned Media: Targeted crypto reporters across national consumer, business and trade outlets and elevated Curators’ stories to further inspire women creators to enter the space.

Online Exhibit: Showcased creators’ work, offering visitors a glimpse into the artists’ talent.

Auction and Community Voting: Initiated the bidding by placing the initial bid of $800 on 100 women artists' NFTs, fueling the enthusiasm of potential buyers. Also, MakersPlace community selected and voted on selected artists' works.

MakersPlace Emerging Features: Winning artists joined MakersPlace's Emerging Features program increasing creators’ exposure through MakersPlace's digital/social channels. 

Giveaway: Organized a giveaway of NFTs to those who voted on NFT art from the MakersPlace Emerging Features program, fostering community participation.


Excedrin Equal Bytes delivered impactful results, highlighting gender inequity in the digital realm:

During the peak of the Equal Bytes program, Excedrin saw an 86% week-over-week increase in mentions, leading its migraine-specific competitors by ~24% and had the #1 SOV at 46.5%.  

Excedrin’s work continues to build a future where gender equity prevails, ensuring every artist receives headache-free, equal opportunities and recognition.


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