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Winner in Fundraising Campaign

Gold Honor in Environment & Sustainability

Audience Honor in Fundraising Campaign


Environment is a digital platform that empowers younger audiences to better understand climate issues and fight the climate crisis. We cater to our primarily Gen-Z audience by providing them with the information and tools they need to be a part of the larger movement toward an equitable, livable planet.

We aim to help younger audiences better understand the intersection of social and climate issues through:

Strategy and Execution


In order to create climate content that is intersectional, genuinely resonates with our audience, and motivates people to be part of the fight against the climate crisis, we built a passionate team that directly reflects the very audience we’re serving. We’re crushing the average for the media industry—the Impact and Environment team is 95% POC, 85% women & nonbinary, 60% LGBTQIA+, and almost entirely Gen Z. Our lived experiences, in combination with our exceptional ability to create high-quality content, make our work more authentic and powerful.


Our two-pronged mission of informing and enabling climate action is intertwined in a highly synergistic way: a person will consume our content centering a climate issue, and they will then be prompted to take action, such as signing a petition, registering to vote, making donations, participating in protests, joining impactful discussions, sharing content, and more.

Key Features: 

1. One example of how our platform has been able to encapsulate this mission is through our efforts to raise $133,041 for those affected by the recent wildfires in Maui. Through creating several content pieces amplifying the urgency of the wildfires, we were able to raise awareness and raise thousands of dollars to support Na Wahine Toa, a local Hawaii-based non-profit organization. Here are some examples of our fundraising content: 

2. We also distribute our content on social platforms to make information about climate isssues as accessible as possible. Young people are moving away from traditional forms of media like TV, radio, and print—we want to meet them where they are. 

3. We combine exceptional designs, engaging stories, and easy-to-understand language to deliver climate content that Gen Z wants to engage with. Here are a few examples:

4. We stay on top of climate news, culture, and trends to ensure that our content aligns with what our audience want to see. Our work often covers stories that young people are talking about, and then links them to the systemic environmental issues that underlie them. Here are a few examples:



1) Audience:

Since launching in April 2022, we’ve grown a community of 830k followers @Environment.

Compared to traditional media on Instagram, we are one of the top-performing climate platforms in organic audience engagement (Environment’s engagement rate is nearly 10x that of accounts like @grist, @cnnclimate, @nowthisearth, etc).The growth was also incredible – growing 19% in 2023 (~around 135,000 followers).

In 2023 alone, Environment garnered 77 million impressions and 10 million engagements.

On a micro level, here are some comments from our community:

Canada wildfire coverage (

  1. "Thank you for helping others be aware! It's crazy that Canadians are being restricted on news in their own country!!!!”
  2. “Thank you for touching on not only the fires but also the fact that us Canadians are being censored from news on these platforms.”
  3. “Hey as a British Columbian citizen, I just want to say thank you for sharing this. Because of a new bill we can’t share news here in Canada, so we’re relying on smaller independent publishers to share this kind of news.”

Maui wildfire resource (

  1. “Thank you for providing resources and spreading awareness!”
  2. “thank you for putting this post together! was looking for verified, trustworthy orgs & now we have ‘em.”

2) Action

The Environment team has fundraised $233,103 for environmental disasters such as flooding in Pakistan, earthquakes in Türkiye and Syria, and the Maui wildfires. We utilize our content and our community to raise funds for critical moments.


Environment has also hundreds of petition signatures for important social and environmental causes, such as . Additionally, both Environment and Impact registered 12,500 young voters before the 2022 midterm elections.



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Environment by Impact Media


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