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From the 8th Annual Shorty Impact Awards

Dove Community Engagement

Winner in Community Engagement


We developed an always-on newsroom strategy where we identify micro and macro trends that allow Dove to consistently insert itself into cultural conversations beyond its own space.  This model allows us to show up in spaces that we care about the most and connect with audiences around topics that are core to our mission like self-esteem, body confidence and hair discrimination. 

Strategy and Execution

Our proactive strategy focused on deepening connections with diverse communities, influential brand advocates and trending conversations. Our core purpose pillars: The Dove Self-Esteem Project, The CROWN Act, and Body Size Discrimination - serve as guiding lights for our social engagements. 


  1.  Active listening - we study social behavior closely.
    1. Spotting niche ways to connect with communities, brand loyalists, influencers, and more (i.e:  when we spotted a video of two women in larger bodies who got rejected from a nightclub because of their appearance, we jumped in to support and uplift them. Our comment aimed to help combat stereotypical beauty ideals that are squashing women's self-esteem, and it garnered over 9.1K likes!


  1. Agile content creation - to keep the pace with the speed of the feed. 
    1. We engage with trends in a unique way that aligns with our brand in real-time. For instance, we participate in trends like Reasons Why I Regret… and “So You’re This… But You’re Also This…”


  1. Meaningful engagement - to actively participate in conversations 
    1. Rather than simply broadcasting messages, we actively chime in to proactive conversations and trending content within the first 24 hours when the moment is aligned with Dove’s tone of voice and content pillars, seeking out opportunities to form relationships with consumers and newsjack a current trend (i.e. Age Filter and Bold Glamour). 


  1. Amplifying advocacy 
    1. Our Surprise and Delight tactic has cultivated a thriving community of brand advocates who organically create user-generated content on our behalf. These UGC videos, with view counts ranging from 70K to 300K on TikTok, exemplify the genuine resonance our brand holds within our community.


Our success stems from active listening and feedback-seeking on social media. We engage with users sharing authentic stories, fostering safe spaces for conversations. Our brand uniquely uplifts those discussing confidence, body love, self-esteem, & hair expression.



Video for Dove Community Engagement

Entrant Company / Organization Name

Edelman - Dove Social and Community Engagement Team, Dove


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