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Special Project

Special Project
From the 8th Annual Shorty Impact Awards

Panasonic TikTok Channel

Entered in TikTok


Panasonic and IMGN realized that many of the younger consumers didn't realize the breadth and depth of Panasonic's technological and sustainability efforts with their Green Impact campaign and wanted a new platform to connect with them. They landed on TikTok as a platform, as we know TikTok isn't just a place to have fun, it's a discovery driven platform where engged communitues learn and share knowledge. TikTok allows us to create a Community United by cool tech. TikTok is a platform where we can turn Panasonic inside out, highlight the face from inside Panasonic, highlight diverse STEM initiatives, as well as a great recuriting tool for the younger generation.

Strategy and Execution

The challenge of this ask is that most B2B stories can be too technical or too brand comms-heavy to appeal to larger audience, especially on social media. Our strategy to help achieve this goal was to distill Panasonic's messaging into something understandable and personable. We decided to bring their brand tagline of "Create Today. Enrich Tomorrow" to life on TikTok by showing how Panasonic's superior technology solves problems in people's lives and helps make the world a more sustainable place to a way we know that works on TikTok. To help bring this to life, IMGN and Panasonic used some different tactics that would help connect with the younger generation:

1. Develop a signature "anchor" content seires that is recognizeable and repeatable, using this format to tell our message simply and in a way that grounds the technology in our everyday lives. This is where our Flagship Series "The Lab" was created. Filmed and presented in a manner native to the platform, a woman in a white lab coat guides us down a rabbit hole of an interesting fact, puzzling question or surprising outcome related to the field of science and technology. ​

2. Work with influencers and creators that can help speak to the sustainable efforts and goals of Panasonic as well as some young "creators" to show how Panasonic is partnering with people that live their mantra of "Create Today. Enrich Tomorrow".

3. Active Community Management where we converse with consumers in a personal way in a 1:1 situation.

4. Highlight the faces of Panasonic by putting their employees in the forefront of the Channel to show the younger generation of what it looks like to work at Panasonic.


Since the launch of the channel, we've seen some great results in less than a year, including 52M Video Views, 79K New Followers, 1M Engagements, 21% VCR (3x the benchmark), and partnerships with 10+ creators.


Entrant Company / Organization Name

IMGN Media, Panasonic


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