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Special Project

Special Project

Delta Air Lines - “In Pursuit of Inspiration: Human Moments”

Entered in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


Powering the ultimate meeting of the minds, we matched SAM artists with US based artists from the same field to fuel their next project. From performers, to photographers, to musicians and chefs, we set a front row seat to the inspiring moments of connection. These creators shed light on their personal backgrounds and unique styles and collaborated to build something neither could have imagined alone.

As human beings, we thrive on connection. The passionate exchange of energy, the enticing meeting of the minds, the thrilling clashes of distinct perspectives. The transformative power that these moments have is so strong that it oftentimes makes them the core of all creative bliss. But when life’s digital day-to-day demands cut us off from harnessing these human moments, it can feel like we’ve lost something deep inside us. But what if reconnecting to that inner-environment could be as easy as changing your outer-environment? Somewhere in the world, away from the blue-light of solitude, inspiration is waiting for you. 



Delta Air Lines was looking to raise awareness among SAM traveler audiences traveling to the US. We utilized our in-house creative team to produce a video series featuring influencers that self-identify with the SAM community and audience. Utilizing our influencer network, we tapped creators/artists to help embody “the pursuit of inspiration” by pairing creative collaborators from both the U.S. and SAM countries. The concept was built to inspire and spotlight the artistry of creatives from SAM countries and how Delta Air Lines can bring them together both literally and creatively.


The overall campaign authentic engagement rate surpassed our benchmark of 3.5%. The Engagement Rate of our campaigns is based on organic results, as organic posts garner more qualified leads and resonate more effectively with the target audience.

Mariana Merenda, our talent from Brazil, earned the highest results across the different social media metrics. Contributing to over 55% of the organic impressions and reach, 65% of the video views and 67% of engagement from the total campaign results.  

The audience received the campaign well, with 88% rating it “positive.” The comments revealed relatability to the content through talents’ passion points: music and food; their journey from their country of origin to the U.S. and the moments of connection while collaborating with different people that share similar values and interests. 100% of the 212 relevant comments were positive in sentiment led by the audience's receptiveness to the campaign's authenticity.



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