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Special Project

Special Project
From the 8th Annual Shorty Impact Awards

"Breaking the World Record!"

Finalist in Event & Experiential


The project, spearheaded by The GRACE Foundation of New York,  aimed to achieve a world record by constructing the largest human puzzle piece, serving as a potent symbol for Autism Awareness and Acceptance. The endeavor aimed not only to accomplish this extraordinary feat but also to document the entire process in a captivating web series. The goal was to foster inclusivity, creating a day devoid of judgment and discrimination where everyone could feel part of a truly inclusive event.

The initiative held particular significance during Autism Awareness Month, brought together schools, businesses, non-profit organizations, and disability support providers. The collective objective was to promote collaboration and unity, highlighting the importance of acceptance and understanding.

Staten Island provided the backdrop for this monumental occasion, where individuals from diverse backgrounds united to convey a powerful message. It served as a testament to the notion that despite our differences, we all belong to the same community, and our collective voice deserves recognition. The impact of this message extended far beyond a single day, aspiring to generate lasting awareness and change. 

The ultimate objective was to cultivate an inclusive world where every person is esteemed, respected, and granted equal opportunities every day of the year, transcending the confines of Autism Awareness Month.

The GRACE Foundation of New York empowers all those individuals living with autism spectrum disorder.

Strategy and Execution

Bringing our project to life, aiming to break the world record for the largest human puzzle piece while promoting autism awareness and acceptance, was a multifaceted endeavor. Our plan of action was meticulous, execution detailed, and we focused on key features that set our work apart. Throughout the journey, we encountered and overcame several challenges, showcasing the uniqueness of our approach.

Plan of Action:

Our mission was clear: promote global autism awareness and acceptance while breaking a world record. Our plan included:

  1. Concept Development: We aimed to create a tangible symbol of unity - the world's largest human puzzle piece, simultaneously breaking the existing record in Greece of 1,706 participants.

  2. Stakeholder Engagement: We engaged local and global schools, businesses, non-profits, and disability support providers to ensure a holistic approach.

  3. Content Creation: We developed a captivating web series to tell the story, capture personal experiences, and educate a broader audience about autism.

  4. Strategic Timing: Aligning our efforts with Autism Awareness Month maximized our impact.


Execution required meticulous planning:

  1. World Record Attempt: Constructing the largest human puzzle piece was logistically complex, requiring precise measurements and a detailed strategy, we set out to surpass the existing record while spreading the word of autism acceptance.

  2. Web Series Production: We filmed, edited, and told our story through a web series, connecting with viewers on an emotional level and educating them about autism.

  3. Community Engagement: Engaging the Staten Island community  was critical. We organized committes and encouraged participation.

Key Features:

Challenges and Solutions:

  1. Logistics: We overcame logistical challenges by involving various committee members that actively worked together to create this successful event.

  2. Community Engagement: Garnering support posed challenges, due to schools schedules, participants that had various challenges, business cooperations and gathering 2400 people in one spot at a particular time

  3. Web Series Production: We met filming and editing challenges by assembling a dedicated team and adhering to timelines.

  4. Sustainability: We devised a post-event strategy to ensure lasting impact, fostering ongoing conversations, education, and support.

In conclusion, our project uniquely combined symbolism, inclusivity, and storytelling to promote autism awareness and acceptance. Simultaneously, we aimed to break the Guinness World Record for the largest human puzzle piece previously held in  Greece, surpassing the existing record of 1,706 participants. Through meticulous planning, collaborative execution, and resolution of challenges, we successfully achieved our vision, assembling 2,423 people from the community, securing our place in the Guinness Book of World Records while leaving a lasting impact on the community and society at large.


In terms of brand building achievements, the campaign successfully established itself as a prominent advocate for autism awareness and acceptance. The use of a powerful symbol, the world record attempt, and the engaging web series helped create brand recognition and establish a strong brand identity. The campaign's emphasis on collaboration and inclusivity also contributed to its reputation as an inclusive and community-driven initiative, further enhancing its brand image.

The campaign achieved several significant outcomes. It successfully raised awareness about autism and promoted acceptance among a wide range of audiences. The web series garnered attention and engagement, reaching individuals beyond the immediate event participants. The campaign's collaborative approach fostered meaningful partnerships and collaborations among schools, businesses, and non-profit organizations, leading to increased support and resources for individuals with autism.

Overall, the campaign demonstrated notable achievements in brand building, awareness raising, and fostering inclusivity. Its unique approach and focus on long-term impact distinguish it within the competitive landscape and position it as a significant force in promoting autism awareness and acceptance.

We were proud to bring the Staten Island community together to be part of this historic event.


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The GRACE Foundation of New York, The GRACE Foundation of New York


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