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Special Project

Special Project
From the 8th Annual Shorty Impact Awards

BMW & Media Experts Exceed Performance with Sharethrough’s Carbon-Neutral GreenPMPs™

Entered in Environment & Sustainability


On behalf of BMW Canada, Media Experts and the CBC created a branded content series that focused on exploring the stories of innovators who are contributing to making the world a better place through green technology. Each episode of the series is centered around the main theme of sustainability and showcases trailblazers who have created unique innovations or new ways of doing business. BMW’s new electric vehicle - the iX xDrive50 - harnesses cutting edge technology to create one of the most intelligent electric vehicles ever, and is integrated subtly into this series. 

BMW’s main objective was to promote their branded content series aiming to convince potential EV consumers of their leadership and commitment to the environment.

Strategy and Execution

The main challenge for BMW was being able to stand apart and proving environmental legitimacy in an over-hyped EV space, where traditional OEMs and new entrants have been clamoring to promote their efforts via press releases, talking a big game - all without a real-world product to back them up. 

Delivering the campaign using Sharethrough GreenPMP™ was the optimal solution to achieve their campaign objectives while also aligning with BMW’s overall commitment towards green initiatives by delivering a carbon-neutral campaign. For all campaigns using GreenPMPs™, we measure the amount of carbon emissions generated - using Scope3 data - that automatically allocates a portion of ad spend to fund high-quality carbon compensation initiatives such as reforestation, direct air capture, and carbon soil storage, based on a campaign’s emissions. In addition, ads that run on GreenPMPs include a green icon, which clicks out to our site that educates the consumer on what a carbon-neutral advertisement means. 

In addition, by leveraging Sharethrough’s Enhanced Video as their main format, they were able to deliver their message at scale, reach a qualified audience, while also overachieving their video completion rate.


By adding Sharethrough’s Enhanced Video to their campaign and by running on GreenPMPs™, BMW overachieved on their brand metrics while delivering a carbon-neutral campaign.

The results revealed that partnering with Sharethrough and using Enhanced Video allowed BMW to reach a 82% video completion rate (overachieving their benchmarks by a whopping 26%). Additionally, a consumer survey following the Forces of Nature campaign resulted in 86% of viewers saying they believe that BMW cares about the environment, while 84% were left with a positive impression of BMW.

Running on Sharethrough GreenPMPs™ allowed BMW to measure and compensate for the carbon emissions that were generated by the campaign. They were able to compensate for a total of 685,535 grams of CO2, which was the equivalent of fully charging 89,000 smartphones or the carbon in 162,000 plastic grocery bags. The calculated emissions generated by the campaign were allocated to carbon removal projects such as direct air capture, carbon soil storage and reforestation. 

Overall, thanks to running on GreenPMsP™, BMW ran a carbon-neutral campaign and demonstrated its commitment to becoming more sustainable at all levels of the organization, with advertising being one of them. 


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