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Special Project

Special Project
From the 8th Annual Shorty Impact Awards

Beauty Is...

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What is beauty? What does it mean to different people? How can we capture the different perspectives and ideas of beauty on film?

These were the questions that we wanted to invoke within our "Beauty Is..." commercial film for ULTA Beauty. The main objective was to capture the diverse perspectives and personal experiences of individuals challenging traditional beauty standards. By embracing inclusivity, diversity, self-acceptance, and body positivity -- this project sought to create a compelling campaign that showcases the beauty in uniqueness and foster appreciation for human diversity.

Strategy and Execution

To bring the "Beauty Is..." commercial to life, our strategy, approach and execution revolved around creating a documentary-style feel, capturing authentic glimpses into the everyday lives of a diverse group of individuals. The execution involved careful casting, fluid production, and a focus on raw mixed media footage to ensure genuine and unfiltered expressions of each person's perspective on beauty.

Casting: The foundation of our strategy was sourcing a wide variety of diverse and interesting individuals who held passionate and unique perspectives on what beauty means to them. The casting process involved seeking out individuals from different backgrounds, cultures, ages, and appearances.

Fluid and Natural Approach: To maintain authenticity, we took a fluid and natural approach throughout the production process. We avoided pre-interviewing or overly produce the narratives, allowing each person to express themselves in their own words, prompted by only a few simple questions. By fostering a comfortable and simple environment, we aimed to create a safe space where individuals could openly share their thoughts and feelings about beauty.

Production: Production spanned over two months, capturing various days in the lives of the participants. Our crew followed each person in their various spaces, documenting their daily routines and activities. We captured intimate moments of individuals applying makeup, as well as stylized portrait shots and lifestyle b-roll footage. This comprehensive approach provided a holistic view of each person's relationship with beauty and allowed for a nuanced representation of their stories.

Interviews: As an integral part of the production process, we conducted short interviews with each individual. These interviews aimed to delve deeper into their perspectives on beauty and understand the unique factors that shaped their understanding. By providing a platform for open conversation, we were able to capture their genuine thoughts, feelings, and personal journeys.

Real and Raw Footage: The central focus of our execution was to capture footage that authentically represented the individuals and their experiences. The goal was to present a diverse range of perspectives on beauty while highlighting the unique attributes and backgrounds of each person. The footage, unfiltered and unscripted, allowed for genuine emotions and expressions, ensuring an honest portrayal of their relationship with beauty.

Stylized Campaign: With a wealth of footage and narratives, our ultimate goal was to create a stylized campaign that weaved together the diverse perspectives, ideas, and footage collected throughout the production process. By carefully curating the material, we sought to create a visually captivating commercial that celebrates the beauty of individuality, promotes inclusivity, and challenges societal beauty standards.

Conclusion: The strategy and execution of the "Beauty Is..." commercial film centered around capturing the authenticity and diversity of each individual's perspective on beauty. Through fluid production, unfiltered interviews, and real-life footage, we aimed to create a compelling campaign that challenges societal norms, promotes self-acceptance, and fosters a greater appreciation for the richness of human diversity. By highlighting the many different perspectives on beauty, the campaign aimed to inspire viewers to question their own understanding of beauty and embrace their unique qualities.


Diverse Perspectives: The campaign effectively captured and showcased a wide range of diverse perspectives on beauty. By featuring individuals from different backgrounds, cultures, ages, and appearances, we successfully challenged traditional beauty standards and promoted inclusivity. The campaign provided a platform for marginalized voices and offered a more comprehensive understanding of beauty, fostering empathy and appreciation for diversity. For us, that's 100% project success in an of itself. 

Authenticity and Empowerment: Our commitment to authenticity and the raw, unfiltered footage allowed the participants to express themselves genuinely. The campaign empowered individuals to embrace their unique attributes, flaws, and imperfections. By sharing personal stories and experiences, we encouraged viewers to develop a positive self-image, promoting self-acceptance and fostering a culture of body positivity.

Positive Reception and Impact: The campaign's impact was reflected in its reception among the target audience and the wider community (This video received the most views of any portfolio spot we've ever produced). Viewers seemingly resonated with the diverse cast and the empowering messages conveyed. The campaign generated significant engagement, social media discussions, and positive feedback, indicating that it successfully resonated with viewers on a deep emotional level and instigated positive change in perceptions of beauty.


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