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Special Project

Special Project
From the 8th Annual Shorty Impact Awards

"Reclaiming the Stage: The Music Center's Resonant Revival in Arts & Culture"

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Established in 1964, The Music Center has been a cornerstone of Los Angeles County's arts and culture scene. With a rich history, multiple world-class venues, and a commitment to inclusivity, The Music Center has always been an iconic institution. However, as the world grappled with the pandemic, it faced the challenge of rekindling its relationship with the public and engaging a younger, more diverse audience in an era dominated by digital media.

The Music Center confronted a pivotal moment in its history as it prepared for a post-pandemic revival. The challenge was to reintroduce itself to the public, making it more accessible and relevant in a rapidly changing cultural landscape. Competing with the allure of digital entertainment required a strategy that would entice people to step away from screens and embrace the live performing arts once more. The ultimate goal was to rekindle the public's love for The Music Center and position it as a dynamic force in cultural innovation.

To address these challenges, The Music Center partnered with Something Massive to develop a comprehensive awareness campaign that would resonate with both existing patrons and new audiences.

Strategy and Execution

The campaign was strategically designed to breathe new life into this iconic cultural institution, celebrating its rich heritage while embracing the changing dynamics of the arts and culture landscape. The campaign was structured around four core strategies:

  1. TMC's Offerings: The campaign celebrated The Music Center's diverse programming under the umbrella of TMC Arts. It showcased a wide range of offerings, from art education for children to world-renowned dance performances and free concerts. The campaign spotlighted The Music Center Offstage, a digital platform enabling access to cultural experiences from anywhere.

  2. Brand Association: We strategically linked TMC with the more famous names of its resident companies and the iconic venues on its sprawling campus. Collaborating closely with these resident companies, the campaign leveraged its reputation and fame to promote its upcoming performances and events. This showcased the rich tapestry of programming offered at TMC  and solidified its status as the performing arts epicenter in LA. Furthermore, the campaign capitalized on the iconic venues within its campus, such as the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion and the Walt Disney Concert Hall, associating The Music Center with architectural marvels. 

  3. A Sense of Place: A pivotal strategy in the campaign was to develop a robust sense of place within Downtown Los Angeles through messaging. The campaign recognized the importance of rooting TMC in the heart of the city, emphasizing its deep connection to the local community. Messages emphasized The Music Center's role as a cultural cornerstone in Downtown Los Angeles, offering performances and a vibrant hub where the community converged. It highlighted its accessibility and engagement with the local culture, making it a place that resonated with residents and visitors alike. This strategy created a profound sense of belonging, and The Music Center became an integral part of the city's cultural identity. Consequently, the campaign enhanced attendance, fostered community engagement, and reinvigorated Downtown Los Angeles as a thriving cultural destination.

  4. Joy of Live Entertainment: Using a hero video with a diverse cast and the resonant call to action, "Be a part of it," the campaign transported viewers into the heart of TMC's vibrant cultural tapestry. It offered a tantalizing taste of the sensory delight, emotional resonance, and communal spirit that only live entertainment can provide. The campaign left an indelible impression by immersing viewers in the action and evoking a sense of presence, rekindling the public's love for live performances and inspiring them to experience the un-replicable joy that The Music Center had to offer. This strategy ignited the live entertainment spark, drawing audiences back to the theaters and concert halls.

The execution involved a multi-channel approach, including TV, OOH, and digital platforms, targeting both traditional arts enthusiasts and a younger, diverse demographic. Zipcode geotargeting and creative variations tailored to each audience were utilized. The exclusive use of TikTok engaged the growth audience effectively.

The campaign successfully revitalized The Music Center, leveraging diverse strategies and innovative execution to reconnect with its audience and spark a renewed appreciation for the performing arts.


In conclusion, the campaign was a harmonious symphony of strategies and execution that celebrated its heritage, embraced diversity, and reshaped the cultural landscape. By reconnecting with its traditional audience, fostering inclusivity, and rekindling the love for live entertainment, TMC reintroduced itself to the public and reaffirmed its position as a vital and evolving force in the arts and culture of Los Angeles County.

This campaign was not just about bringing people back to live performances; it was about fostering a sense of belonging, bridging cultural gaps, and sparking newfound interest in the performing arts. The results spoke volumes, with a remarkable 81% lift in organic search volume year over year, indicating a significant surge in interest from diverse users eager to explore The Music Center. Moreover, the campaign increased traffic to by a staggering 84%, a testament to its success in driving online engagement and interest in The Music Center's offerings. The most astonishing feat, however, was the 13x increase in Spanish-speaking traffic to the site, showcasing a profound connection with a broader and more diverse demographic.

This campaign was a resounding success, striking a harmonious chord in the hearts of diverse audiences and ensuring a vibrant future for The Music Center at the intersection of tradition and innovation. It celebrated the enduring magic of live performances while embracing the evolving dynamics of the arts and culture landscape, ensuring that The Music Center continues to be a beacon of artistic excellence and inclusivity in Los Angeles County.


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Something Massive, The Music Center


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