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Barbie Dreamhouse: 60 Years of Giving Dreams a Home

Winner in Employee Engagement

Finalist in Integrated Campaign


The objective of the "Barbie Dreamhouse: 60 Years of Giving Dreams a Home" campaign was to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Barbie Dreamhouse by partnering with Habitat for Humanity International and undertaking 60 projects and activations worldwide. The campaign aimed to: 

Provide Safe, Decent, and Affordable Housing: The primary goal is to contribute to Habitat for Humanity's mission by creating safe, decent, and affordable housing for families in need around the world. This includes new construction, home preservation, neighborhood revitalization, critical home repairs, playhouse builds, and support for Habitat's Women Build program. 

Raise Awareness and Engagement: Raise awareness about the importance of safe and affordable housing for families, especially children, and encourage engagement from the Barbie brand's audience.  

Celebrate the Barbie Dreamhouse Legacy: Celebrate the legacy of the Barbie Dreamhouse as a symbol of imaginative play and empowerment for children, highlighting its evolution over the years and its status as the #1 item in the US dolls category. 

Foster Corporate Social Responsibility: Demonstrate Barbie's commitment to corporate social responsibility by engaging employees in volunteer opportunities with Habitat for Humanity and supporting housing initiatives in communities where Mattel operates, such as Los Angeles. 

International Impact: Fund and support projects in various countries to make a positive impact on families and communities globally. 

Promote Collaboration: Strengthen the partnership with Habitat for Humanity International, emphasizing Barbie's dedication to giving families around the world a place they can call home. 

Strategy and Execution

The Dreamhouse 60th Anniversary Integrated Campaign is a comprehensive initiative aimed at commemorating a significant milestone while positively impacting communities through strategic partnerships. This overview outlines the core components of the campaign, with a special emphasis on the pivotal role of employee engagement. 

To generate widespread awareness and excitement, a press announcement was issued to celebrate the launch of the 60th-anniversary campaign. This announcement showcased key partnerships, ambitious commitments, and the overarching vision of the campaign. 

Employee engagement was central to the campaign's success. Barbie organized volunteer efforts in several countries, including the US, Canada, Japan, Australia, Poland, UK, Mexico, and Brazil. This not only instilled a sense of purpose among employees but also extended the campaign's reach and impact. In line with the anniversary theme, Barbie pledged to complete 60 projects in partnership with Habitat for Humanity. As a symbol of the campaign's commitment, the team committed to constructing a home for a family in need, right in its in California. This tangible expression of the campaign's goals underscored the brand's dedication to Habitat for Humanity's mission and provided a powerful visual representation. 

A dedicated webpage was established to serve as a central hub for updates on ongoing projects with Habitat for Humanity worldwide. This platform kept stakeholders informed, sharing progress updates, stories, and impact metrics related to the commitment to complete 60 projects for the 60th anniversary. Updates were also shared via email newsletters. 

Barbie expanded its corporate social responsibility through its strategic partnerships. In collaboration with Rocket Mortgage on the creation of a Super Bowl ad, a donation was made to Habitat for Humanity. To maximize visibility and engagement, the campaign utilizes both organic and paid social media on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook, as well as paid media channels and influencer engagement. Additionally, an impactful cause marketing campaign was launched in collaboration with Target. This initiative involved donating 1% of sales from the Dreamhouse product line to Habitat for Humanity. This campaign was promoted leveraging omni marketing with in-aisle dangler, inclusion in the Target circular as well as through social and influencer marketing. Beyond driving sales, it reinforced Barbie’s philanthropic image and resonated with socially conscious consumers. 

The Dreamhouse 60th Anniversary Integrated Campaign demonstrates a strategic fusion of corporate social responsibility, cause marketing and employee engagement. Through its strategic partnership, commitment to Habitat for Humanity projects, and active engagement of employees across the globe, Barbie not only commemorated the Dreamhouse legacy but also made a substantial and lasting contribution to society. This integrated approach exemplifies how a brand can authentically create a positive impact, while simultaneously engaging employees and customers in a shared mission. By weaving together philanthropy, marketing, and community engagement, Dreamhouse sets a compelling example for corporate social responsibility and integrated campaign strategies. 


The primary goal of our partnership with Habitat for Humanity was to effect a substantial and lasting change in communities by providing secure and affordable housing to those in need. To achieve this, Barbie set an ambitious target of initiating 60 projects, encompassing new construction, home preservation, and neighborhood revitalization initiatives. Barbie not only met this target but surpassed it, with a total of 64 impactful projects successfully executed. 

The contribution of over $300,000 to projects worldwide, coupled with an additional amount of nearly $39,000 generated from the sale of Dreamhouses at Target, underlined the brand’s commitment to the cause. These funds were instrumental in facilitating the necessary resources, materials, and labor for each project. 

Over 300 Mattel employees' participation in volunteer opportunities was a cornerstone of the strategy. The employees’ dedication translated into 1,552 hours of volunteer work, significantly advancing Habitat for Humanity's mission to unite individuals in building homes, communities, and hope. 

In terms of geographical impact, our efforts spanned multiple countries, including the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, and New Zealand. This global reach enabled us to touch the lives of families and communities across diverse regions, reaffirming the universality of the Dreamhouse's mission. 

The tangible outcomes of the campaign – surpassing project targets, substantial financial contributions, employee engagement, and global reach – align with the team's objectives. These results not only met but exceeded our expectations, firmly establishing the partnership with Habitat for Humanity as a success and commemorating the Barbie Dreamhouse's legacy. 


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