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Special Project

Special Project
From the 8th Annual Shorty Impact Awards

BALIKBAYAN: Rebuilding The Nation Through Travel

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Due to the global pandemic, numerous economies were forced to shut down, leading to a wave of business closures because of strict lockdown measures. This catastrophic chain of events resulted in the widespread loss of livelihoods and jobs for many, hitting the tourism industry particularly hard.


As the pandemic eventually began to recede, many nations took steps to reopen their borders in a bid to breathe life back into their tourism sectors. However, in the Philippines, a lingering sense of fear among the populace continued to deter travel. Consequently, businesses reliant on tourism continued to grapple with unprecedented challenges.


In the year 2022, after a two-year battle with the pandemic, the World Tourism Organization unveiled a startling revelation. It exposed that Asian Pacific countries, the Philippines included, had recorded the lowest percentage of recovered international tourist arrivals, standing at a mere 14%. This dismal statistic starkly contrasted with the recovery rates observed in regions such as the Middle East, Europe, America, and Africa.


In a resolute effort to rejuvenate the nation's tourism industry even in the face of ongoing adversity, PAGEONE initiated the "BALIKBAYAN: Bumalik Sa Bayan, Ibalik Sa Bayan" campaign, harnessing the power of social media to champion domestic travel.


This pioneering campaign empowered Filipino travelers to rally their compatriots to embark on journeys once more, while also promoting the various tourism-related businesses they encountered during their trips. Through this visionary initiative, these businesses received a much-needed promotional boost, playing a vital role in revitalizing the Philippine tourist industry.

Strategy and Execution

In our mission to revive the travel industry amid pandemic challenges, we embarked on a strategic journey. Leveraging our digital platforms, we engaged our audience organically, addressing their apprehensions and fostering a renewed enthusiasm for travel. This narrative encapsulates the step-by-step process we followed to execute our campaign successfully.


Step 1: Platform Selection and Strategy Formation. In the initial phase of our campaign execution, we meticulously examined our target audience's behavior. Recognizing their inclination toward sharing travel experiences online, we made a strategic decision to focus exclusively on digital channels. This choice allowed us to leverage the power of our established online platforms, notably our Facebook page, along with our array of news sites and online magazines. We envisioned these platforms as our primary communication hubs and set out to develop a comprehensive strategy.

Step 2: Content Creation and Messaging. With our digital platforms chosen as our primary channels, we turned our attention to content creation. We crafted compelling campaign messages designed to resonate with our audience. Our messaging emphasized the benefits of travel, the safety measures in place, and the appeal of exploring new destinations. Each piece of content was meticulously designed to capture attention and convey our campaign's core objectives.

Step 3: Leveraging Organic Following. We made a deliberate choice to rely solely on our existing organic following on social media. This meant that our campaign was not boosted by paid advertisements or external promotions. This decision reflected our confidence in the strength of our established community and our desire to build a genuine movement from within.

Step 4: Addressing Challenges. The campaign launch coincided with the initial easing of travel restrictions, which presented us with a set of challenges:

Step 5: Continuous Engagement and Messaging Adaptation. Throughout the campaign, we maintained a steady flow of engaging content. We encouraged our audience to share their own travel stories and experiences, creating a sense of community and shared enthusiasm for travel. Additionally, we monitored the evolving landscape of the travel industry and adapted our messaging accordingly to address emerging challenges and opportunities.

Step 6: Ongoing Revival of Travel Activity. Our ultimate goal was to gradually rekindle travel activity. By fostering confidence, allaying concerns, and promoting the allure of travel, we sought to play a role in the recovery of the travel industry, encouraging travelers to explore new destinations and experiences.


The result of the "BALIKBAYAN: Bumalik Sa Bayan, Ibalik Sa Bayan" campaign led by PAGEONE was highly successful in creating a platform for individuals and travelers to engage in conversations about domestic travel.


During the campaign period, the campaign reached a total of 40,719 people, surpassing the initial target by 104%. Additionally, the campaign generated 6,179 engagements, significantly exceeding the expected number.


The campaign's success was evident through the enthusiastic participation of the audience, who shared their travel photos and tagged the local services they used while exploring various tourist spots. Furthermore, the hashtag "#balikbayanph" gained traction among local travelers as they showcased their remarkable experiences and destinations on their own Facebook timelines. This user-generated content not only inspired other travelers but also sparked conversations and plans for future local getaways.


The impact of the campaign extended beyond PAGEONE's flagship Facebook page, as the engaging content reached a wider audience and ignited interest in exploring the diverse tourist destinations within the Philippines. This, in turn, contributed to the revival of domestic travel and the support of local businesses, reinforcing the campaign's goal of rejuvenating the tourism economy.


By leveraging social media and amplifying the voices of local travelers, the "BALIKBAYAN: Bumalik Sa Bayan, Ibalik Sa Bayan" campaign successfully created a sense of trust and credibility among its audience, leading to increased engagement, positive feedback, and a tangible boost in interest in domestic travel.


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