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Special Project

Special Project

Ask Me MS – Biogen Unbranded Social Campaign

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Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a lifelong condition with varying symptoms and levels of progression, and the number of treatment options for patients is rapidly growing. This makes for an exciting yet overwhelming feeling for patients trying to decide which treatment is right for them.

To help answer this question, Above MS from Biogen went right to the source—the MS community—to create a candid, multi part video series and social posts about why treating MS is important.

Our goal was two-fold: create authentic content and increase lead generation. It was imperative that our content resonate with people living with MS and that it provided answers to questions that we knew the MS community was searching for. In turn, the videos worked as drivers to the Above MS site, and here, we could capture acquisition.

In this series, three people living with MS explain the importance of treating MS after diagnosis and answer treatment-related questions in a refreshing, authentic way. The videos conclude with a strong CTA driving to the Above MS site, where people can learn more about MS, the types of treatment available, and how to talk to their doctor about these options.



Through research, we discovered many people with MS feel alone when navigating their disease and treatment options. Furthermore, they lack the confidence to ask questions and advocate for themselves. To turn this around, we knew we needed video content that felt both relatable and helpful.

Through deep collaboration with three Above MS brand ambassadors—Molly, Kathy, and Jessica—and the MS community at large, we crowd-sourced a list of frequently asked questions, outlined a production process with Biogen’s regulatory committee, and then worked with commercial director Courtney Dixon to prepare for our shoot and production needs.

These Ambassadors opened up and shared their personal experiences with MS while also acknowledging how many other patients have similar treatment-related questions. Topics included family planning, the need to stay on treatment, and how to plan for the long-term.

Over two days, we seamlessly executed long and short-form videos of each woman on her own and all three in conversation, exploring a range of FAQ-style topics, from starting treatment to knowing when it may be time to switch.

Leveraging our Ambassadors’ first-hand relapsing MS experience ensured each video felt authentic and honest while giving each person the space to open up and reflect on conversation topics in their own words.


The overall campaign garnered more than 63,000 click throughs—showing just how much this content resonated with the MS community. But more importantly, people were grateful for the information. “I needed to see this today.” “Thank you for providing a place with access to information.” “I will sooo be able to use this! Thank you!”


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