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Special Project

Special Project

After the Earthquake | AJ+ Arabic

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We aim to draw attention to the struggles people are facing on the ground amidst the challenging circumstances following the earthquake in Turkey and Syria. The absence of essential services for days has compounded the difficulties. Additionally, we seek to shed light on marginalized communities and their plight without any assistance. These efforts will enrich discussions that lead to heightened awareness and understanding. Our goal is to foster empathy within our audience towards the victims, their families, the wounded, and those affected. This empathy should evolve into active collaboration and tangible support for those who require assistance. We endeavor to generate engagement from our followers and facilitate meaningful dialogue about the issue and the victims, whether it’s on the internet or in households and workplaces. In addition,  the audience should feel inspired, whether from the uplifting endings of the stories we share or from the hope that arises from the midst of adversity.



Bringing our vision to reality was a journey fueled by unwavering commitment and a strategic plan that encapsulated our mission. Especially since we were operating under extraordinary circumstances, which included sleeping in the open, enduring freezing cold temperatures, and enduring continuous aftershocks, alongside the lack of basic living conditions such as public bathrooms or sleeping facilities. Our initiative was set into motion mere hours after the earthquakes struck, through a concerted collaboration between editorial, engagement, production teams, and on-ground assistants. Embarking on an arduous journey from Qatar to the devastated regions of Turkey, spanning approximately 24 hours due to road closures, congestions, structural collapses, and disrupted transportation, marked the onset of our extensive endeavor.

Leveraging the power of social media platforms, we shared clear short stories that honestly showed the harsh truths, conveying both somber reflections and occasional sparks of hope. Throughout this process, we meticulously documented and realized this narrative fragment by uncovering individuals’ stories, bearing witness to their experiences, and engaging in dialogues with those affected as well as the relief teams on site.

Our journey encountered its fair share of obstacles. The logistical complexities of on-ground filming in post-disaster scenarios tested our adaptability. Furthermore, cultivating trust and building relationships with communities initially hesitant to share their experiences demanded patience and a deep appreciation for their culture. Nevertheless, through transparent communication and a compassionate approach, we successfully overcome these barriers. Witnessing the positive transformation in the communities we interacted with fueled our determination to push through challenges.

In conclusion, our project’s success is attributed to a meticulously crafted strategy, a dedicated execution plan, and an authentic approach. By combining the power of storytelling, genuine human experiences, and innovative engagement methods, we created a story that sparks dialogue, elicits empathy, and drives positive change. We are confident that our project’s distinctiveness lies in its ability to merge art and impact, inspiring viewers to contribute to society in meaningful ways.



The project’s results were closely in line with the main goals that our team had aimed to attain.

Our main goal was to promote participation and deep discussions about the socioeconomic challenges that the disasters’ aftermath exposed. We were able to draw in and engage a broad audience through rigorous execution and strategic dissemination. When it comes to numbers, we had 10,000 views on YouTube, 12,000 views on Twitter and 196,000 views on Facebook, plus the nearly 500 comments generated not only fostered engagement but also spotlighted the significance of the topic.

 In addition, seeing the positive changes in the communities we worked with was indisputable proof of the success of our effort. Collaborative efforts were sparked, producing real contributions to change for the better. This transformational result verifies the efficacy of our efforts.

The outcomes validate the commitment and calculated approach of our team. Our project has successfully served as a catalyst for societal understanding, conversation, and transformation. Because of the deep relationships we made, the stimulating talks we had, and the actual, positive results we saw, we are confident in calling our efforts a success.



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