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AARP + Marie Bustin' Moves

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Our team wanted to create an upbeat intergenerational dance video that challenged the notion of ageism around dance.

Strategy and Execution

To be successful, we searched for the right dancer, who had the right moves, and the on-screen charisma to partner with for the video. We also wanted our talent to be comfortable dancing alongside their family members. @marie_bustinmoves was perfect! 

Marie, herself, is a GenX parent, and a member of our target audience; a generation that often finds itself in a caregiving position with their children and their parents at the same time.

The intergenerational dances we conceived with Marie would feature her mother, daughter, and sometimes grandchild in various scenarios doing a variety of dances. This series is both native to the Instagram platform given it’s dance reels, and appropriate for our themes of age-positivity and intergenerational representation. They embody our channel’s ethos perfectly, demonstrating that age is not a barrier to having an active, creative, and fun lifestyle.


Marie’s reels are always high performers both with views and engagement!

The most recent series of three videos combined have over 1 million views and over 25K engagements.

Comments indicate the content not only resonated across generations but was enjoyable and relatable:

#DanceOff #Dance #AARP 


Video for AARP + Marie Bustin' Moves

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AARP Studios


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