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A Landmark Ruling: Ambry Genetics Celebrates 10 Years of Freedom from Gene Patenting

Entered in Public Health


Ambry Genetics wanted to educate their audience about the impact of the SCOTUS decision on June 13, 2013, celebrate their part in the original victory, as well as call attention to current efforts to challenge that ruling. Within this story, we wanted to highlight Ambry’s science and patient first philosophy and build brand recognition as an industry leader.

Strategy and Execution

One of the genetic science liaisons originally mentioned that this would be the 10-year anniversary back in January. We planned a series of posts to run throughout the week and asked internal participants who remembered the day to share their experiences. However, the campaign really took off when we extended it to external colleagues. We were able to use employees’ personal networks to access some really key figures in the industry and in this decision. This evolved the campaign from internal memories and celebration to an industry-wide collaboration, where we were able to see how genetic testing has been able to influence more patients at more affordable costs in that time frame. We specifically strove for two things: not to point fingers or place blame on the original company, and not to associate this with any kind of sales or buy in. The theme is the collaboration of the industry toward the good of the patient.


Our efforts were a success on several fronts:

Internally – we showed that multiple teams could come together and collaborate and share information, across three companies (Ambry, REALM, and Invico)

Externally – we not only had high-impact external participants but we were able to coordinate their presence in a short period of time

Metrics – the webinar had good live viewing numbers; we were #1 on LinkedIn in impressions for the week of the campaign and improved our ranking with our direct competitors, and we grew our social media audience


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Ambry Genetics


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