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Special Project

Special Project
From the 7th Annual Shorty Awards

Turkcell Social Customer Care

Entered in Customer Service


Turkcell renders services to 34,6 million customers through our 19 different accounts split into 'engagement activities' and 'customer service' categories. We have 1 million Twitter followers and 6 million Facebook likes reaching a total of 7 million people and on these platforms Turkcell is mentioned 500 times an hour. Until now we have engaged with a total of 6 million of our customers. Customers who reach out to us and need assistance gets a “hello", on average, in 10 minutes and within 40 minutes we help solve their problem. According social media analysts Social Bakers, we are number 1 in Turkey in the socially devoted category. We reply to, on average, 87% of our customers that 'mentions' us.

Our service promise in Social Media is segmented, highly

individualized and remarkable.

Fast and responsive: Avr. response time 40 min.

Proactive: We are in constant contact with our customers,

not only the ones who ask for help but also customers who are talking about any

topics we may engage in, including random acts of kindness.

Segmented: We focus on each customer based on their segment

by using their dynamics (life-style, etc).

Individualized: We use unique and personalized solutions for each


Analytics: We use Social CRM analytics to understand their

needs, giving them more customized offers and services and as a result we accelerate

our solution process.

Lead Generation: We provide leads to the other

functions such as preventing attrition or cross-sell activities.

Strategy and Execution

We believed that the individual and real time experience is getting more important day by day. The key of our strategy is to make social media service unforgettable, caring and unique. Due to experience not existing without emotions what we create is not only timely and personalized but also captures our consumers hearts and minds.

In this new era, we leverage our social media strategies by investing

new features such as omnichannel customer care and real-time marketing, new technologies

such as text analytics and CRM and realtime dashboard. Since our customers are

living in the moment and are tired of being treated as mass caring for them in a

personalized and responsive way is more relevant. All of these strategies

increase brand awareness and loyalty.

Thus we aim to be indispensible in the mind of our customers, Turkcell

Social Care Service creates a remarkable worth-of-share experience for



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