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From the 7th Annual Shorty Awards

The Deal Twitter

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In short(y), The Deal's Twitter strategy is to present our deal analysis and newsroom interaction with social media flare, whether it be a Woodward and Bernstein gif or a picture of activist investor Jeff Eberwein in a van with the A-team.

Why does this entry deserve to win?

A major part of the strategy is to know the difference between unethical clickbait (basically misleading people about the content of a story) and having fun with it - note this Eberwein tweet. Photoshop knowhow is a must. Sometimes social media pros will do this by accident because they don't understand the material they're reframing for the masses.

Precision is key, especially when it comes to hashtags. Note the hashtag "#activistinvestor." Some accounts will just put "#activist" or, similarly in finance, "#MLP" instead of more relevant terms. Activist and MLP will just redirect your audience various activist activities around the globe or to My Little Pony. Hence "#oil" and "#gas" here instead of "#MLP" The Deal always researches hashtags. #LBO is not what you think And play up interesting key words in a fun way when you can, see: magical

We know our newsroom tweeters. The Deal is constantly checking in with our jounalists' feeds to RT to our audiences, lovingly termed "Dealiens and Streeple (people of TheStreet Inc.) And we always know what's going on in the organization as a whole:

We encourage our group to get in the mix:

In keeping with the sentiment of understanding the material, terms like "opportunistic acquirer" is something many people outside of Finance Twitter (we know our Twitter subcultures!) will not get: We didn't get many RT's here but it's a point worth noting.

Trends. Remember "remember?" Know when to join on a trend and know when it's over: This was cool in October, not so much now.

Frame our tweets to make them interesting, again, not misleading. Note the tweet vs. the headline of the story:
We also know when to use CAPS:

Or caps:

We analyze to see what works:

And of course, we use cats when appropriate, because Internet. Actually, the "because" thing is wearing thin, unlike cats.


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The Deal Social Media Team

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