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Special Project

Special Project
From the 7th Annual Shorty Awards

20th Century Fox Innovates Social with Dynamic Creative Ads

Entered in Integration with Live Television


20th Century Fox worked with social-media intelligence company Wayin to integrate real-time Twitter content into :15 and :30-second spots promoting the film Let's Be Cops between Aug. 6th and 15th. This campaign marked the first time a TV advertiser attempted to integrate real-time social content into linear TV commercial spots resulting in 200+ unique spots across eight national TV networks. This campaign also laid the groundwork for more addressable, interactive TV advertising utilizing local, regional and topical criteria from social media. The TV ads caught the attention of social-savvy audiences who would not just be taken aback by the new form of advertising, but who saw it as an invitation to participate in the next run of the ad. New Twitter comments scrolled through each ad, reminiscent of film-critic blurbs. In total hundreds of unique tweets were included in the 200+ spot campaign with each spot triggering as much as 40% instant lift in organic Twitter chatter around the film. Participants also gave permission for their tweets to be used in the advertisements through Wayin's proprietary Rights Facilitation Tool, which included moderation and integration with network operation centers in real-time. The campaign provoked over four times expected film revenue to over $80M.

Strategy and Execution

Wayin created a platform not just for the social expert, but incorporates the needs of multiple teams and publishes in real-time, allowing 20th Century Fox the ability to gather social content and deliver on their promise of featuring tweets in ads.

Rights granting for social is a hot button issue, not only for brands, but also for users. Wayin's tool requests permission from the user immediately after their tweet was sent, then publishes directly on-air.

The value of social being used in real-time television advertisements has never been successfully incorporated into pre-existing broadcast software. This allows the opportunity to create unique ad as quickly as social posts are published.


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Wayin and 20th Century Fox


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