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Special Project

Special Project
From the 7th Annual Shorty Awards

Mashable Vine

Finalist in Vine


Mashable has consistently produced content and maintained an active voice on Vine since the application's release in January 2013. Over the past two years, Mashable has developed a thriving presence on the platform, building an active community of over 154,000 followers. With content ranging from breaking news and live events to DIY tips and tricks and collaborations with influencers, Mashable's Vine account never ceases to entertain, inform, and inspire.

Strategy and Execution

Vine has played an integral role in Mashable's social media presence since the app launched in 2013. At the end of its first year on Vine, Mashable's account boasted 76,000 followers. One year later, it has doubled its follower count, now reaching 154,000 followers, with over 35,828,429 loops played and counting. Mashable's goal for Vine in 2014 was to continue experimenting with the platform, to use the video app to report in real-time, and to maintain a balance and steady flow of both timely and entertaining content.

Mashable aims to inspire, entertain, and inform its audience with its wide variety of content and subject matter. Consistently producing fresh content every other day, Mashable engages its audience with a steady stream of informative, entertaining and beautiful 6 second videos. Mashable is not afraid to take risks and experiment with new production strategies on Vine.

With the goal of producing more Vines in real-time, Mashable took every opportunity over the past year to refine and enhance its live-vining skills.Throughout the November election night, Mashable paired real-time updates with a dose of imagination to create #Legosenate: as each state turned red or blue, Mashable reflected the change with a lego replica. To celebrate Super Bowl XLVIII, Mashable kept its audience in the loop with a robot inspired Vine that resulted in 15.3K likes and over 1,500 comments. During the Grammy Awards, Mashable live-Vined 4 categories -- Album of the Year, Record of the Year, Song of the Year and Best New Artist. And for Hollywood's biggest night, Mashable celebrated the Best Picture award with a colorful montage paying tribute to the Oscar nominees and the winning film.

Mashable always encourages its followers to be quirky and take risks. Over the past year, Mashable has incorporated countless original animations and illustrations into its vines. Original animations allow Mashable the creative freedom that it craves, while still maintaining the crafty Mashable style its audience loves. From wishing its followers a happy Labor Day to celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Simpsons, Mashable's animations proved to be a hit on the platform.

Mashable's original Vine content not only engages and enhances the online community on the platform itself, but it also seamlessly integrates into Mashable Editorial content on Mashable has used Vine to tackle hard news and timely events with live coverage from Ferguson and #BlackLivesMatter protests throughout the country. It's used the platform to bring attention to Worlds AIDS Day, document President Obama's State of the Union Address, report on the Syrian refugee crisis, celebrate LGBT History month, and share takeaways from the UN Climate Summit. Many of Mashable's Vines were embedded into its editorial content on to supplement long-form and explanatory pieces across news verticals.

Mashable continued to engage its audience with its trademark weekly challenges. This year, Mashable challenged its followers with tasks like recreating a favorite movie, assembling a crafty holiday greeting card, sharing artful Vines with a glitch, and mastering the art of slow motion. Mashable's audience consistently puts time and effort into creating stop-motion animations and beautiful 6-second films, resulting in thousands of unique submissions.

Mashable's presence on Vine is a prime example of the creativity that can be achieved by brands on the platform. Mashable has created a conversation and community on Vine full of creativity and experimentation. As the voice of digital culture, Mashable is excited to see what it can do next on Vine in 2015.

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