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Special Project

Special Project
From the 7th Annual Shorty Awards

Krochet Kids Annual Report

Entered in Data Visualization


Krochet Kids Intl. is a non-profit apparel company that empowers those struggling with poverty in Uganda and Peru by teaching them to craft handmade goods. Once they start participating, the women who produce their clothing are not only provided with a fair and consistent income but also receive education and mentorship. For the first time ever, KK intl. is releasing program metrics that illustrate how skills, education, and basic resources can forever change a life. This data was used by Column Five to create a unique annual report.

Because Krochet Kids intl. conducts business through its online shop, a hyper visual and interactive report that reflected the company's work and mission was the perfect way to present the work to viewers. Still, Column Five had the challenge of figuring out just how to visually present the information in an engaging and meaningful way. The answer? String art.

Krochet Kids Intl. produces amazing and unique products, which are all produced by hand. Using string as a medium allowed Column Five to translate that handcrafted feel to the annual report in a way that was both informative and eye-catching. The final product is a digital annual report that features a video, an interactive data visualization, and handmade works of string art to tell the story.

Strategy and Execution

An annual report is meant to communicate the impact and efficacy of an organization's work, and powerful data visualization communicates more than the information at hand; it tells a deeper, more meaningful story. The create approach taken to visualize this data - blending handmade visualizations with digital art - not only creates a more visually impactful visualization but reflects the company's product offering and mission, telling the deeper brand story: Although the company operates in a digital world, it is connecting the world through tangible goods.


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