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Special Project

Special Project
From the 7th Annual Shorty Awards

Evolution not revolution - meeting the needs of our customers

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Utilising cutting-edge social listening tools, backed up by an enthusiastic and relentless approach to customer service, Protect Your Bubble strives to be transparent with customer feedback and ensure customers get the service level they expect from a leading insurer. We listen and engage at every opportunity, irrespective of the marketing channel. We let the customer choose the medium they'd prefer to reach us through and our customer service process flexes to adapt. By providing customer service through social channels - dealing with both queries complaints in the public domain - we're showing our imperfections, but we're also showing that we're not afraid to learn from our customers, and that we're striving to improve.

Strategy and Execution

An Excellent Experience For Customers

Customers lie at the heart of everything we do. To put it simply, we care.

We actively listen to our customers every day through a number of channels including social media, satisfaction surveys, online review sites and the wider online environment. In situations where a customer is unhappy we actively reach out to them and see if we can solve the problem.

We also have a committee that meets monthly, with the sole purpose of identifying pain points for our customers, and proactively looks for ways to improve our services. This committee looks at call centre service levels, claims, complaints and other customer touch points, scrutinising the information to ensure we're providing the optimum experience for customers.

Making A Difference

Initiatives we have implemented that have made a big difference to our customers include:

1. A dedicated customer social media team who are on hand every day during the working week to greet our customers and assist with any queries and complaints expressed through social channels. We increasingly see our customers turning to social as a preferred way to speak to us.

2. The MyBubble online customer portal allows the customer to self-serve if they prefer. Through this portal they can update personal details and payment details, view policy documents, submit, save and retrieve claims, track claims and view and upload supporting documents for claims. The capabilities are being expanded to allow a customer to make changes to the items insured on their policy, and to introduce a rewards and offers area. We're now seeing nearly half of all claims being made online through MyBubble.

3. Continued investment in state-of-the-art social listening tools to ensure every conversation about our brand – regardless of the channel – is seen, understood and engaged with.

4. Continued dialogue throughout the customer and claims lifecycle, ensuring positive and negative feedback is recorded and analysed to improve the whole customer service experience. This has resulted in an independent net service score of 95%, yet we continue to look for ways to improve.

5. We've fully integrated reviews into our social media channels to display transparent and open feedback from our customers.

Going That Extra Mile

We aim to respond to customers who interact with us via social media on the same day. We take time to listen and understand the issue, have an open dialogue and keep our customers informed at all times, follow up with the customer and stay in contact with them throughout. We also help facilitate call backs, raising of complaints and policy amendments.


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