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Special Project

Special Project
From the 7th Annual Shorty Awards

EPIX on Vine

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To celebrate 5-years as a premium network, we launched an integrated campaign between our social media and on-air team, to create what we believe is the first 60-second Vine spot and a collaborative, cohesive effort between several Viners.

The brief was simple, we teamed up with 10 influential stop-motion animation Viners, both established and up-and-coming, to each create one Vine for us. Each Viner created a 6-second video featuring one of ten big movies currently playing on EPIX, including World War Z, The Wolf of Wall Street, The Avengers and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, among others. Our Viners were given creative freedom, with the caveat that they must include a connective thread to string one Vine to the next, so they could not only stand alone as their own Vine, but be pulled together to create a seamless 60-second spot for on-air and digital use.

Strategy and Execution

By working with influential Viners, we were able to tap into their creativity and fan base to not only promote our movie content, but also establish our presence on Vine.

Digiday praised our launch as an innovative way to join the platform while embracing and celebrating the community. Our campaign, consisting of 10 videos by 10 different Vine artists have been viewed (looped) 308,346 times and shared (revined) 285 times. Additionally, we received over 2K likes and over 100 comments. The popularity of the videos also earned us over 500 followers on Vine within the first week of our launch, plus an additional 500 in the following three months. Our launch received strong support from all of the Viners we worked with across their social media platforms, reaching a total audience of over 1,230,355 on Facebook, Twitter and Vine.

Our brand has proven itself to be adaptable within the ever-changing social sphere, by embracing the audiences on each platform with custom content created specifically for that medium. Vine has given us a new outlet in which to do this and we've proven quite successful in finding a new niche for our content.

5 Years Of EPIX Vine Celebration


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